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Our Galactic Connection

The Story of the Hollow Earth Inhabitants

Greetings from the Center of the Earth. I am Mikos, an inhabitant below the Earth’s surface, enfolded in the hollow globe deep on the inside space of Earth, as life-forms circle around and above us on the surface. You are on the rim, so to speak, while we dwell in the cradle, which is safe and secure from outside forces of chaos that are currently raging around you.

As many of you are now familiar with Telos, but not really familiar with the Hollow Earth inhabitants, we would like you to hear our story now. We are a very advanced race of Beings who have never resided on the surface. We have come from other planets in your solar system and other galaxies from the far out reaches of space. We came here to oversee the Earth, and we came here to continue our own evolution without interference from any race or ET�s. We are securely encased in the core of the Earth, sufficiently to protect us from all outside intrusion, so that we can evolve as quickly as we can in order to secure this planet as an outpost of Love and Light. For the quicker we can evolve, the quicker we can come to the surface to help struggling humanity gain its freedom into the Light of God’s Love. This is why you have not seen or heard from us. It is because we have self-imposed this seclusion.

We now wish you to acknowledge Us, standing free in the Light of God, in the midst of you; constantly radiating out our Light and Love to you to grasp and hold onto as we pull you closer and closer to our heart’s flame, until you meld with us into God’s mighty stream of Light, enabling you to then go forth into the world, where you’ll shine as a beacon, and where all who encounter your radiance become magnetized from within to begin their transformation in consciousness and increased awareness of the multitudes of Beings who are here to help you and all life on Earth to evolve into higher and higher states of consciousness until all of Earth, together, explodes into her ascension of Light, and all are freed of Earth’s density forever.

This is our role, this is our final goal to carry out on Earth, and then we will all, en masse, move up the spiral of evolution into the realm of Light and Love, and become who we truly are, living in a place of peace, beauty and prosperity, together as one cell in God’s heart. So make this journey into Light with us, by opening your hearts to our existence and welcoming us into your life, so that we too, may guide you onto the steps of continual glory, where we step with you, side by side, on our path to God. So walk with us, hand in hand, and whenever you’re weary, think of us holding you and supporting you as we all, as a planet, move closer and closer to our ascension. You are close, very close, and we are here to give you that extra push into the Light, where we all await your presence.

We bask in the Light of the Hollow Earth, where we have created a paradise within the womb of Mother Earth. And, we wish you, too, to experience this paradise along with us. We are now working closely with you, our brothers and sisters on the surface, and we cheer you on.

We Once Lived on Another Solar System

Greetings, my fellow travelers on Earth! It is Mikos, speaking to you today from inside the Hollow Earth, which is our home. We have been here for millions of years, slowly evolving ourselves into the God Beings that we are. Our evolution has made great strides due to the isolation of being wrapped up inside the womb of Mother Earth.

All our lives have been spent in peace and bliss, due to our location. We exist here in peace and tranquility because of the proximity to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The more deeply one goes into the Earth, the more deeply one feels the beat of the Earth. And the more one feels Her heartbeat, the more one resonates to her Goddess qualities. So this proximity has led Us, over the millennia, to our oneness with all life and to our joy of existence. All life knows this oneness, yet most of life has yet to feel it in their outer bodies.

As the heartbeat of Mother Earth reverberates through the Earth, it reaches the surface, where you can feel and experience it. However, in order to feel and resonate with this beat of life, you have to be in peace. Your outer bodies have to be in coordination and in synchronicity with each other, all vibrating at the same velocity and all feeling the grace of God and immersion in the oneness of Creation. When your bodies are at rest, at night, they resonate to the deep beat within them. You can only evolve when you are in a state of peace. And this is why We, who are immersed in Earth’s depths, have been able to evolve; because We have been in synchronicity with the beat of all life and with Our selves.

Once we were adrift in space, living on another solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy. At that time, there were what you today call Star Wars. People were engaged in battles to control our section of the galaxy. These battles brought great destruction to planets and knocked solar systems off course. It was a dark time for our galaxy, and beings like ourselves yearned for peace to be restored so that we could continue our evolution. This is when We discovered the Earth.

We left our solar system and traveled here, which at the time was a planet little known outside its parameter. When We alighted on the surface, we were amazed and in awe of the beauty and tranquility of Earth. We explored the surface and found the open tunnels leading into the cavity inside. These were already existing tunnels from other civilizations, for the Earth is very old and her civilizations ancient. . . . Dianne Robbins, Messages from The Hollow Earth

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