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Oracle Report 9/7/21

By: Archeia Faith

The Oracle Report Tuesday 09 - 07 - 2021

Woohoo!! Illumination!! Celebration!! Joyous Insanity!!

With the slow down currently occurring many feel like a fish out of water. Having had mundane routines, distractions and "fillers," has largely blown out of the way the collective are left gasping for air!

Well! There is air plenty! You just haven't been breathing the right way! This slowing May feel challenging, or a lower narrative may be attempting to convince you that something is blocked or wrong ... no! This is part of the process!

In order in order for Alchemical processes to Domino, physical hurdles and challenges may present. The solution?! Evolution!! Mother of All Creation is guiding everyone to get a little CRAZY!!! (thank you SEAL) !!!

Go beyond the boundary of your programmed to acceptability to dis-cover Who You Are!

How laborious this feels to you will be determined by your level of attachment! Can you free fall and have fun? Or Are. You. Attached?