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Oracle Report 9/6/21

The Oracle Report 09/06/2021 9:23pm

by : Archeia Faith

Gears grinding to a halt. Wow today was a practical stopping of the cogs, New Moon in Virgo and 6 Planets in retrograde was a brake pull!

For some this will have been experienced energetically, some will have felt physically stuck, either in their circumstances or a literal stuck in sludge experience!

This may have hit me a little harder than others with my moon BEing in Virgo. In reality, it is 100% Gaia who has been stuck. And humanity must experience that, as we are connected in every facet to Her.

Gaia has been Stuck in an ancient cycle of parasitic abuse. To truly recognize this Planet as your Mother, as She who gave and gives you life, is to break in sorrow, then rejoice in gratitude, then continue through every illusionary layer of Matrix programming to emerge Her Divine, fully healed Angel Warriors, here to restore Heaven on Earth.

Where are you in that process? Have you embarked on that yet? The absolute Full Divine Embodiment of your soul, and All, is ONE with Her, the symbiotic flow of Divine Life In the physical has been decreed, some aren't even looking Her way.

Many have deep birth Mother wounds, with the feminine having been specifically targeted in millions of ways to create the neurotic, broken feminine. They even turned the name of a powerful female hero, into the worlds deadliest drug, to lessen the vibration when associated with women; heroine.

With such wounds for Our birth Mother's how could we truly get to Unconditional love and honoring of Our Mother Gaia? How could we even see Her?

Mother of All Creation is gifting us this time of impeccable slow down so we do the deep dive work, so we look at what we are running from, so we reflect, breakdown, breakthrough.

To find Her is to understand why you exist. What your mission is. It's not something I, or anyone else can TELL you. It's a journey you embark on, to uncover the Truth your soul recognizes.

Mother Earth is Pleading for Her children to access their Divine Will, to pray for it, push for it, heart focus on that and don't stop. Healing Mother Gaia, by embodying Our Greatest Grandest Versions, is Our Mission. All are unique in that, this is the Ultimate Journey of self realization.

Thank you Mom, in eternal Service to you! Let's go Ascension team!!!!

Archeia Faith of the First Contract Ground Crew Team

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