Oracle Report 9/2/21

Oracle Report by: Archeia Faith

Hello beloved Brothers and Sisters.

Mother of All Creation and Her galactic surgery team spent the first day of September performing mass surgeries on the collective. This was a powerful resurgence of right brain use and integration.

I have been asked to share that the correct fully functioning brain usage is 80% right brain and 20% left brain. After yesterday's surgery the average human within the collective are at 34% right brain use. Up from 27%. As such, these brain surgeries will be consistently carried out, based on the karma of the soul for receiving lessons/blessings or both.

The more in Alignment you are with your souls contract, service to love, and right action energetics within universal law the more you may receive healing from the Divine realm and Mother Herself, it is always based on equal energy exchange.

Etheric surgeries can be booked at with an equal energy exchange and guarantee of full surgery.

To naturally assist your brains highest healing, CREATIVITY is the highest daily discipline as this is the primary modality for activating the right brain.

You are a Divine Creator ... this has been stripped from Humanity. Each individual is responsible to give this back to oneself.

With these surgeries having completed, for this round, the fight or flight based left brain is TRIGGERED. Today will be a big test in patience, compassion and nurturing. If the correct balance is struck BEings will be able to identify old, trauma based patterns as the left brain will be trying to force these into play and powerful transformations can occur.

Prayer, ceremony, reflection and again, Mother is emphasizing, patience. With these things honored you will further your brain healing and achieve powerful expansion. Thank you to All awakening souls!



Oracle Report Archeia Faith

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