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Oracle Reflections 3~20~22

By: Archeia Aurora

Our energy can move mountains. Our energetic integrity is more powerful than any physical action we can take. That’s how you change the world. To be 100% organic, authentic, real, raw, vulnerable, embracing, kind, passionate, fun loving, laughter, integrity, courage, truth & transparency. To be a pure vessel, open to life, open to Source. In full surrender.

This is the zero point phase. All before this has been cleared and wiped clean. This is a new slate and a new chapter where anything can be created. We can be our true selves, which is multidimensional. We can embrace every facet of ourselves. All parts of us are sacred, unique, and loved. To respect all others for their parts as well and to honor each persons multidimensionality.

Harmony. That word keeps coming to me, to embrace this as part of our essence. Part our gift is to create harmony simply through embodying the aura of harmony. To emanate harmony creates a sacred field, the diamond light body/merkaba, is complete balance. To create such a field is when we become the generators, we become the plasma technology. We create our environments.

To harmonize our internal selves is to emanate the sacred codes, the blueprint of harmony through our auric field. This creates the perfect zero point in which your field can manifest all possibilities into existence. Any field you occupy must raise in consciousness to harmonize to match your vibration.

When just one being, or even grander to be 2-3, attains this harmonic convergence, the entire collective must now harmonize to this vibration. This is the true meaning of the unified field. In this harmonic state, all toxicity and density dissolve instantly and all healing is instantaneous.

The harmonic converge=YOU=balanced harmonics. The official event of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 activated this potential to now come into manifestation beginning in March and culminating on the 6/6 Portal.


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