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Only one thing exists...

Only one thing exists thats absolute Love Nothing else is real What we see, touch, taste, smell is holographic Only thing left is to feel. Soverignity is when you stand in your power Its when you stand up and say I AM free Soverignty is when you stand up and claim I AM at One with God and just BE. BE the creation you were created to BE Thats divine source energy and Free Its living in your heart, showing your love Showing that you are divine Love like THEE. Everything that's fake is falling away Its falling away because its not real Families, children, colleagues Are all disappearing from your reality. Don't worry, don't be sad, nor be glad Its because they aren't in the know They are in the fear of the hologram Its sad but thats how things go. Its not about what or who you know Nepotism doesn't exist anymore Its about BEing real, being truly alive Not about feeling forlorn. Its about trusting the process Its about being on par Its about being authentic And knowing who and what you are. Its not about popularity Its not egotistical Its about standing in your true power With this falseness you only cower. So stand in your power On your true divine path Know that you're safe from the fear Know and believe you are an original seer. You see the truth of the situation You are the essence of God So hold your head high, open your wings, Its time to take off and FLY. I Love You Live, Laugh, Love Margaret Beatty. 06/07/21

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