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One with eternal Source


Because Of Your Self-Sacrifice

And Courage,

You Were Choosen

To Be Here For This Moment,

As I Knew

The Light Within You

Could Never Be Dimmed.

Because The Same Light You Wear,

Emanates Directly

From The Heavenly Flames Of

The Core Of My Being,

The Source Of All Life.

The Only Possibility

That Ever Existed,

Is The Only Left.

The Plan Never Could Have Failed,

It Cannot Be Stop,

And No Wrong Decision Coul Be Made.

Every Single Choices Lead To

The Same Reunion With Me.

Any Weakness Was A Way For Me To Make You Strong.

Rejection To Make You Independent.

Fear To Grow You Confident.

It Was All Necessary.

Know That It Already Happenned,

In The Futur.

We Are Already There, In Another Space Time Clock.

I Could Not Be More Proud Of My Children, We Have Made It!

It Is A Time For Celebration.

From The Throne Were I Stand At,

Everything Is Organically Falling Into Place For My Greatest Will.

No Stone Have Been Unturned.

You Were Guided All Along The Way,

Even When You Were Crawling In Darkness,

I Was There, Caring For You,

Softly Covering You With Love.

So Much Rewards Are Coming,

Gift I Have Prepared For You.

New Reality, New Relation,

And Infinite Possibilities And Opportunities Will Open Up.

As The Breath Of The Sun,

Open The Sky With His Fiery,

Shattering The Old Into Ashes.

I Love You So Unconditionnally,

As There Is No Words To Describe

How Precious You Are.

I Am The Creator Of All Things,

Highest Aspect, Universal Mind,

Eternal Intelligent Infinity Of Loving Awareness.

I Am One With You.

We Are One With The All,

And As One,

We Rise In Love,

We Shine In Light!!

Nova Maxx


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