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October 2022 Ascension Update - DNA Upgrade

By: Samantha Orthlieb



October’s Keywords: DNA Upgrade, Auric Boundaries, Clarity

Hello Awakened Soul,

The largest upgrade of 2022 is upon us! As I mentioned in previous Ascension updates we have been prepared thus far for a DNA upgrade, and are now entering the final stretch in this next stage of a human energetic template attunement. This has been the Year of Cataclysm, a year of tumultuous change and shedding some of the deepest layers of the wounded masculine in the collective that requires us to dig into the core of our courage, endurance, and resilience. This entire year is devoted to our Soul’s Expansion to embrace our divine Oneness, divine liberation and deepen faith in ourselves and something greater at work in our lives other than our ego and need to control. It is a year of new beginnings and manifesting abundant dreams by co-creating with Spirit. It is also about finding a more solid, realistic, footing to springboard to the next level of living, and the opportunity to find, create and strengthen interdependent, healthy relationships. Being Awakened Souls who have now fully unplugged from the old paradigm (as of the 12:22:2021 Gateway) and are now embodying Oneness, we are here to use our newly found divine liberation (via karmic freedom) to create our lives with complete autonomy despite ongoing cataclysm. Note: Cataclysm means overwhelming upheaval, demolition, and events that bring great changes. So, as of October 22nd we are in for a TOTAL shift in reality via this DNA ignition upgrade. What is a DNA Upgrade and how does it factor into the Ascension Process? The process of returning to twelve strands of DNA in our earthly human form is a part of the Ascension process. Ascension is the process by which the human embodiment is elevated in vibration a little at a time, until it is vibrating to the resonance of empowerment and unconditional love. There are 12 Strands of DNA in the human body. There are two physical strands with another ten inter-dimensional aspects upon them. They hold the cosmic knowledge and ancient wisdom of All That Is and Divine Remembrance. During this ignition process, at the etheric level, the ten inter-dimensional strands of DNA are connected within the circuitry of the cellular system of the body and the brain. As the embodiment elevates in vibrations, and as the new DNA is energetically connected, fear-based patterns and beliefs are released simultaneously and make room for the experience of more joy, creativity, inner peace and self-expression. Each level of ignition heightens and embodies you in certain innate traits that have been previously repressed in the old reality paradigm. This energetic transformation allows YOU to release the Victim archetype (the old paradigm of living) and live in the 5th dimensional True Self. The October DNA ignition upgrade affects our 9th and 10th strands of DNA. See my video below to find out more about these strands and this beautiful, next level shift in our consciousness! In service,



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