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Now is the Time to Shine

By Grace Solaris

Keep up the vibe. Now is the time to shine. Don’t be disheartened by the current madness playing out on the world stage. This is the last set of a game that is already lost. More than ever your vigilance to choose love over fear and lift yourself beyond the old 3D agenda is what will determine your reality and the last act of this pantomime. Yes the chaff is being separated from the wheat thru your own choices and what you give your energy to right now. The term light worker is outdated and belongs to the old earth paradigm. You are much more than a human being. Much more than a light worker. You are a limitless supreme light being. Those that truly innnerstand and stand in their sovereignty, own their light and do NOT forsake it, because of fear, are the 144000. They do not sell their soul for a lollipop jab with false promises of “freedom”.

Around or just before the full lunar eclipse I felt a MASSIVE shift in energetics, like a heavy cloud of energy lifted off the planet... and a gigantic damm had opened and freed up accumulated energy.... it was like the planet itself had been held in energetical quarantine and was now liberated from an enforced entrapment. It felt liberating and triumphant and left no doubt in me the light has won and that the new earth, that has been prepared simultaneously in a parallel dimension is now fully seeded and operationable. Now it is up to us and determined thru our choices, where we want to operate.

The old earth will be a very constricted zone a “concentrated camp” of enslaved beings, that follow the new world herd order and give up their soul and free choice. And become obedient inhabitants connected to a hive mind, that determines what you must think and do. When and where you go. When and where you eat, love and pray. “Freedom” is the price to enter this pseudo reality, where you will earn your “freedom” only thru complying and doing as told by those in power!

The other choice is to stand up in your truth as a living soul and own your light, your power, your might, your free will and god given freedom to roam freely as a co-creator of love. You are the true alchemists, the christed ones. Chosen are those that choose love. Those that don’t sell their souls to fear and comply to the anti christ. Yee shall do greater things. And you will walk in this truth, you will walk as the christed light and no harm shall be done onto you.

You are the real truth keepers and those that will experience the heaven within, the return to the promised land, you will be the holy grails for god’s grace, miracles and truth. I Am the truth, I Am the way, I Am the light. And so are you. Are you going to own it!?

Or are you going to be owned by fear and the anti christ.

This is not about religion... Jeshua was not a christian and has nothing to do with the christian church, he was a pure embodiment of truth, a rod of light and god omnipresence, a galactic master and light being of the highest order. Re-member you came from the stars, you came as pure light and that god spark is alive, untouchable and a supreme power to move mountains (of consciousness).

Truthkeepers take stage, own your might and true light. You are the return of the Christ. You are the Messiah. The holy grails of the new earth. Love prevails. You were made for this. Hallelujah.

Grace Solaris


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