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November New Moon in Scorpio: Nov 4 2021

By: Crystal B Astrology

The November New Moon in Scorpio Delivers Opportunity Hidden in the Enigma of the Dark

The sign of Scorpio is the star player of November’s New Moon taking place on November 4. The power of regeneration and transformation comes on strong as we make way to set our monthly intentions. Powerful emotions will come along for the ride. The universe will be asking us to step outside of our comfort zone, once again, in order to feel passionate about the next.

Alongside the drive for more, will be needs for distance, opposition and a strong unpredictability factor. Some monkey wrenches are bound to present that will take us by surprise. Circumstances arrive that are out of our control. But the choice will be ours in how we decide to stare down the dark. As we embark upon taking our next steps a choice to fly high or go low now arrives.

More About Scorpio Part of getting in tune with the power of this November Scorpio New Moon is getting to know more about it. The sign of Scorpio is an enigma with many secret facets to its existence. This is the sign that lights up the night and brings a new understanding to crisis situations. Its depth of perception and ability to be truly honest is apparent to all. It will always be the ultimate observer. If you want to get to the heart of a matter, Scorpio will give you an honest answer. It has no fear in calling out the elephant in the room.

Deep within it is the most intense power. A constant battleground of emotion runs through their veins. It understands pain and suffering; their own as well as others. It understands the struggle and suffocation of being trapped without light. But in this New Moon story, it needs to break free. It simply can’t feel boxed in any more.

Uranus Break Free Factor With pressure coming in from Uranus, the break free planet, energies are ripe for separation. The consequences may not matter anymore. Scorpio dares to go where others can’t. It isn’t fearful of the prospect of needing to fall in order to start anew. In all actuality, it craves the process of renewal. Strength, persistence and tenacity will all be available for all that we will need to rebirth.

Expect revelations of the greatest proportion. Scorpio knows the dirty little truth that so many try to hide. With its energy so dominant, the darkness now needs to find a way into the light.

The power of renewal and rejuvenation are ripe for the taking. Despite some of the intensities, all of the Scorpio energy in play will propel us to new depths and understanding. If we need to fall, tools will be available to rise back up again.

Reinvention While a lot of this November Scorpio New Moon story is intense (a Scorpio specialty!) there are helping hands to aid us. Lucky Jupiter, now in his final stretch of Aquarius, will be cheering us on to reinvent a facet of our lives. What is asking to be refreshed and renewed? Perhaps you weren’t able to make the changes you needed to earlier in the year, but an opportune time now comes to push it forward.

Use this November Scorpio New Moon to get to the bottom of what it is you really want. Ask yourself the hard questions and be ready to hear the answers. Burn down what is no longer necessary and commit to strategizing a new way to rise back up again.

Crystal B Astrology


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