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Nothing Is Exactly As It Appears To Be

At this time in your personal development, as you build the bridge to the twenty-first century, a bridge that ideally will strengthen your inner knowledge and purpose, it is most essential for you to understand the territories to which you will be journeying, pioneering, and traveling. These territories are uncharted for you and do not have signposts, yet are not necessarily new territories because your ancestors and others have understood this terrain. You consider your concepts about yourself and the world as factual and wish all of the worlds to conform to what you have been told or what you choose to believe.

This is a noble way that allows you to conduct yourself in the world. However, seasons change and because you are on the cusp of great change for all of humankind, it is our intention to assist you to feel at ease with this change, which occurs on every level of existence and in every cell of your being. How you view yourself in time and what you have been taught to believe will both be crucial elements in building the bridge in your mind to traverse experience, and to utilize this fleeting moment when humankind is being re-organized from its core to sprout into magnificence.

If you can be nurtured to come out of your shells and if you crack the casing of rigid beliefs that surrounds you, as those beliefs fall away you will be transformed. This emergence is the healing work that all of you will perform over the next number of years: Getting to know yourself at such a deep level will allow you to feel at peace, to produce a vibration of being at ease. Even though you know the effects of vibrations and frequencies, sometimes you forget and slip into bouts of depression or bad moods, or you project your anger onto someone, and then your patterns have to be shattered again. Seeing your fellow humans create one dire situation after another, have you wondered why people are creating so much toxicity in their lives? Well, consider that the challenges in living and the intensity of emotional interactions are greater than ever. The choices for fear also seem to be all around you, and this also is part of your self-realization process.

Your health and well-being must be your choice. The dips in life, the so-called downtimes, are designed to buff you, to take you into the carwash or tune-up shop of life so you will come out shining and running again. Many of you experience great fear when your bodies malfunction. Remember the prisoners of anger that you hold in your field? Well, it is most important to cleanse your field and to be grateful for who you are, for that is one of the tests you were born to master. Will you forget your lesson and be a grumbling victim holding a vibration that attracts more and more of its kind? Or will you trust the whispers of meaning, significance, and purpose that are awakening in all of you? What you do and think are connected to everything around you: the Earth, the animals, the weather. You paint the landscape you experience a day in and day out, so begin to paint masterpieces of your lives, truly debunking limited thinking and fear as your only options in living. How will you, as Family of Light, achieve the vibration and create a new song of humankind’s existence?

There is only one way: You will do it by changing your own life and by claiming health to be yours. The releasing of anger is one way you can regain your health. You must pay attention to your physical vehicle and realize that it is changing, that all of humankind is changing. Your habits, the way you breathe, how you sit, the way you eat and sleep, all need to be reevaluated. It is time to change your schedule and let your body’s callings be the guide. As you claim yourself and build a bridge in this fleeting moment of opportunity, it is important to understand that evil cannot be eradicated. What you call evil has a purpose, and sometimes the same tools can be utilized to access either light or dark energies.

We have referred to the dark side of living as Family of Dark. Over the years we have joked, saying no one writes, “Dear Pleiadians, thank you so much for mentioning us. I am a member of Family of Dark.” Everyone claims membership and kinship to Family of Light. We use names because you like names. . . . Barbara Marciniak, Family of light

Artist: @tobilow

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