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Nine Eleven

The Cellular-Stellar Significance of 9:11"9 is that which underpins all creation, it reveals the hidden mysteries, all anointed numbers, when you sum their digits, like say 216 = 2+1+6 = 9 or 108=9 or 864=9 have special importance like planet and sun diameters or numbers of seconds in a day etc, cosmic associations.

And numbers that repeat, like 1, 11, 111 etc have a certain power or amplification. Since 11 is built from ones, and it is the first number of our Base 10 system, it has an affinity with the last number of our system, the number 9, (Base 10 contains: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), likened to the biblical "Alpha & Omega" or The First and the Last.

Thus resonance with the link between 9 and 11 or 9:11 is really a cellular-stellar connection to The Beginning & The End. When these number begin to appear in your life, it may be indicating that you are at a crossroad in your life, a time to make deep inner connections: the seeking of truth or the furthering your knowledge.9:11 could therefore also be represented as the mythical mystical snake swallowing its own tail, the legendary Ouroboros that is the metaphor for circular connection in our lives, within and without.

There also exists some hidden and insightful decimal symmetry within 9 and 11 but we need to index them against Unity Consciousness which is really division into One, or an examination of their Reciprocals.The reciprocal of 11, that is, 1/11 = .09 09 09 09 0 90 ….and the reciprocal of 9, that is, 1/9 = .11111111….which suggests both 9 and 11 contain one another, they sing to each other.Even 9/11 = .81 81 81 81 81 … (where 81 is really 9x9), is a form of mathematical poetry.

When we examine the Reciprocal of 81, that is 1/81 or 1/9x9 we get:.012345679 012345679 012345679 012345679 what I refer to as the Missing 8 Sequence yet there is indeed some cosmic order amidst the apparent Chaos.

Now that the connective ratio of 9:11 is in the world or mass consciousness due to the horrific event that happened September 11th, year 2001, we can see how numbers have their stories, how they have a colour, or exude a certain flavour, how they define events and keep a record of our world’s history.The current slang meaning of 911 now relates to destruction or serious damage, eg: in a car crash people say you nine-elevened your car, or if someone has a fight they may get nine-elevened. But 911 is more than this, it represents Transcendence and change."

~ Jain 108


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