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New Moon in Virgo, New Era for the Feminine Soul

By: Sophie Bashford

As we've moved from the tail-end of the Lion's Gate portal through a Full Moon, it's possible you've been feeling that lots of things are 'up in the air', chaotic, fragmented. Maybe there's been an uprising of turbulent emotions, surging of anxiety, or low physical and mental energy.

Have you been feeling as if your inner vision is somehow 'clouded' or foggy, like you 'should' be able to get things done, see the next steps, formulate plans or strategies...and yet even with the best will in the world, you've just not been able to move forward? Has this given rise to anxious thoughts, or your inner critic demanding that you simply need to 'do more' or push harder to get ahead?

But your creative, intuitive energy just isn't in that place. The new juices just haven't arrived yet.

Have you felt drawn to consciously releasing, purging or removing yourself from anything that needs to be dissolved from your life?

It's possible that relationships or connections you've not been truly aligned with for many years will now surface to be looked at with total honesty. It could be difficult to keep pushing what's not really working down, or suppressing any inner truth that really needs to be witnessed and worked through. Don't worry if you've felt 'stalled' this past month: it may feel like that, but there's a deeper process happening. Whatever re-alignment work you're doing with your Soul, and your Guides, is is a process of integration.

A very significant recalibration is in the works - it could be that the next months bring some form of reorganisation of your life and relationships. This is because your personal vibration has changed and grown. You have a sacred role to play in the next phase of Earth's healing cycle, and your energy knows how to prepare you for it. The upcoming New Moon in Virgo brings freshness, clarity and inspiration. It also brings discernment and the practical wisdom to bring visions into physical form. A whole new cycle for the divine feminine begins on this next New Moon. You don't need to 'know' what that means logically just yet. Just know that your sensitivity, your intuitive understanding of what your soul's mission is, how deeply you care about helping the world to heal and rebalance - these traits are why you're a healer.

It's why you feel you MUST get your life's work into the world, even if sometimes your inner critical voice says that it can't possibly make a difference to the trauma, suffering and conflict in the world.

Your divine service role matters. It's what's deep in your heart; it's what comes naturally and joyfully to you; it's what you've worked so hard (and continue to work hard) to bring forth and share; it's the commitment you have to self-healing, self-reflection and being the best person you can possibly be. If you resonate with some of what I've described here, trust that you're not being 'lazy' or uncommitted, or losing focus, or getting it wrong. You've been nurturing and gathering your soul energies, preparing for a New Moon, a new influx of creativity, a canvas ready for you to paint new landscapes and infinite possibilities.

Your deep soul wisdom knew all along.

~Sophie Bashford

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