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New Moon in Cancer- Embracing Your Sensitivities with Care, Re-Inventing What Nourishes Your Soul

By: Astromomma

On July 9th/10th, we have the watery and emotional New Moon at 18 degrees of Cancer. The days leading up to a new moon can be tense and uneasy. This is mainly due to the fact that we have no moonlight to guide our tender spirits and hearts. As humans, we are over 70% water and the moon's gravitational pull affects us more than we realize. This "dark moon" phase is a good time to go within and become still and contemplative. The New Moon always represents a reprieve from such emotions and heralds a time of wiping the slate clean, fresh perspectives and a renewal of energy levels. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign deals with the family, the home, the mother, sensitivity, nurturing and our deepest emotions.

The New Moon in Cancer is here to allow ourselves to feel nourished and protected, even amongst the crazy times we currently find ourselves in. A loving and safe flood of emotional awareness will be the theme of this powerful New Moon. The moon loves to be in the sign of Cancer, as this is where her home is. When planets or celestial bodies return to the sign of their rulership, a natural and effortless ease returns to the cosmos. Spirit is asking that we return to our inner garden of emotional recognition and softness. No other sign can make us feel as tender and in touch with our feelings as Cancer. Being that Cancer rules the 4th house of family and home will bring up our deepest sentiments and nostalgic remembrances from our childhood.

Many could discover how to tap into their inner femininity with this gracious new moon. This applies to both men and women as we hold both frequencies( femininity and masculinity). The universe is asking for our softness and our ability to BE with our feelings, instead of running and hiding from them. Recognizing and allowing ourselves to honor our emotions is a brave and noble act of service to the self and to the world. In a world dominated by patriarchal principles, this awareness will be even more crucial and important. This is a wonderful new moon to begin a new cycle of emotional closeness with our family and folks that feel like our family. New beginnings connected to our home and purchasing property, renovating our current abode and are also favored at this time.

The New Moon in Cancer will be making a couple super supportive and loving aspects to her other planetary brothers and sisters.

The first will be a positive and insightful sextile( 60 degree aspect) to Uranus, the planet of invention, shocks and freedom, who is currently in the earth sign of Taurus. The New Moon sextile Uranus is a wonderful boost of the inventive powers that lie within our abilities to recreate what tenderness and emotional availability mean in our lives. Many could receive flashes of brilliance and our intuitive powers will be particularly strong at this time. If you feel a nudge from the universe to create a masterpiece, even if it seems a little out of the box or unusual, this aspect will give you the green light to go make it happen. This aspect could bring on sudden sparks of emotional genius that happen almost out of the blue. If you have felt restrained emotionally, then this pair up will create a space of independence and freedom from such repressed feelings. Shocks and surprises connected to our home and family could also be possible. Due to the positive flow between the New Moon and Uranus however these shocks and surprises will forward the progress of such areas, even if they are slightly jarring at first.

The second aspect will be a loving and healing trine(120 degree aspect) to Neptune, the planet of spirituality, healing and transcendence who is also in her home sign of Pisces. The New Moon in a trine with Neptune will further emphasize our intuitive and psychic awareness and gifts. A gentle and ultra soothing beam of protection and comfort will be felt by all. Many could have intense visions and this ethereal pair up is excellent for healers and artists of all sorts. Beginning a healing practice whether professionally or personally is also indicated by this aspect. We will be all up in the feels and a loving and tender flow of divine’s love will be felt and noticed.

The New Moon in Cancer is here to bring you back home to the foundation of your heart and soul. A beautiful and loving presence of your inner momma wants to be recognized and acknowledged. This New Moon wants you to be ok with your deepest feelings and to use them as fuel for your soul's growth and expansion. What makes you feel safe and secure? Who do you want to get closer to and how can you be more vulnerable + open? What does home mean to you and can you create an inner sanctuary wherever you are? These questions could come up during this next lunar phase.

The New Moon in the crab's den wants you to become still and to nourish your deepest feelings with a tender hug of loving awareness. In a world that wants to make you tough, it is your own recognition of your tender nature that will make you invincible and courageous. Let your tears up and out and honor them for cleansing your spirit + for liberating your pain. The New Moon in Cancer is here to allow yourself to recognize what truly matters to your soul, re-establish bonds with your family and home and remind you of the power and nobility of honoring your most tender and authentic heart.

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© Astromomma, 2021


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