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By: Elizabeth Bardin

NEW MOON AND SOLAR ECLIPSE! 10 JUNE 2021 (10.52 am GMT) In the sign of GEMINI (air element) THEME: A TIME OF GREAT POTENTIAL BACKGROUND: This is a very important New Moon and Solar Eclipse that completes the last Full Moon and other matching eclipse that was a Lunar Eclipse. A time period when so many planets have been in mutable signs and brought the spectacular opportunity to literally “remould” our future and reality.

And spectacular it certainly has been! Not only in its ups- but also in its downs. Unexpected destruction of possibilities, situations, relationships that very often matched our worst fears. But at the same time a feeling of mastery, of just knowing that despite what it all appears to be on the surface, there is magic and MUCH GREATER possibility at work!

If only we can trust and let go of projecting old fears and trying to control the outcome.

Because what is underneath the worst fear that we have been defending against? Why is that so vitally important? A question so worth asking and exploring at this time. Can the destruction of something ever be the destruction of you?

Well the preparation for this eclipse has been to bring crushing down these choices, situations and beliefs about what to hang onto and what we have convinced ourselves are so valuable.

Because this is a time of so many possibilities on the table and so many doors opening. A fresh start, a reset, a freedom that we have not been able to be in ever before.

And what is that freedom? It literally is us. That massive sense of expansion. Energetically we ARE that space holding ALL of reality. Feel it! We are everything. We are not in it, it literally ALL- is in us!

So grab this fresh start. Whether it has been inspired by new intentions, or something that has been forced on you by sudden change on the outside.

View it all as a chance for miraculous outcome.

And when you feel overwhelmed with the uncertainty, go back to your Heart and feel the connection that is instantly there. What is love really? It is time for us to have absolute clarity - love is not sacrifice, love is not allowing others to fool you with their agendas, love is knowing that you deserve with no compromise. If there is tension in relationships from this reset, use it as an energy for progress without being drawn back into the old agendas of guilt and blame. These implanted lies are no longer able to stop you. They are an old and losing game.

So claim back your power! Do the Hawaiian prayer - and stay out of resistance to anything unexpected.

Be consciously open to the new. This truly is a time of great potential.

Some helpful questions to ask: 1. How many excuses do I still use not to step into my potential and create the life I desire? 2. And what can I choose instead to now outcreate everything I have decided is not possible for me? 3. What have I seen externally as giving me value instead of knowing that I have value whatever happens? 4. How can I rebuild my confidence to know that anything is possible for me and my future? 5. What will it take for me to believe and know that despite what has happened in the past, it is no longer any limitation on my infinite capacity to create? 6. How can I tap into the energy of the future to draw in the new and what I have always believed is just not achievable? 7. How can I let go of my deep fears of failure or humiliation and instead step up to reveal the miraculous side of me? With much love, happiness - and in celebration for the New Earth and the New Me! Elizabeth For SACRED EARTH & STORM SCHOOL


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