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By Ramona Lapin

MASSIVE SHIFTS UNFOLDING as the 'LOVE IS THE HIGHEST TRUTH' WAVE is HEALING ALL that have chosen this! NEW GRID-SYSTEM IS TAKING OVER! Three Fold Founder Flame purifying, healing and upgrading our, the planetary Blueprint and all of Creation back to 'perfection'. Non judgement is DEBT FORGIVENESS! This is the key to our prosperity and abundance and it is happening!! Freeing us all from the wheel of karma that has now been forgiven as we can let go of the past. As we let go, NEW ADVENTURES BEGIN, transcending time, space and gravity through the power of LOVE! GOD IS LOVE and Love IS WHO WE ARE! Now we're all remembering again as we arise from the deep slumber of forgetfulness. Transcending any remaining fears as we step fully into our Power as God Sourced incarnate, reclaiming and rising as Christ Avatars, as we unify with God Source, all of Creation, as ONE again! DIVINE LOVE IS THE SHORT CUT THROUGH & KEY TO OUR FREEDOM & IT'S ALL HAPPENING NOW! Healing the 'Wall in Time'/ Dimensional split and dissolving the veils as Love pierces through the old Matrix hologram. Transcending the laws of the Universe through the Power of Divine Love! Dissolving all illusions of separation for now we can truly see again what Truth really is! UNIFYING ALL AS ONE HIGHER HEART-MIND ONE SOUL ONE BODY ONE CONSCIOUSNESS For SO IT IS as so it was written Now let's show everyone what is possible when we Love fearlessly, timelessly, limitless and free our Hearts of the icy walls and harnesses that have closed it down. Healing any lingering pain and trauma through higher Conscioussness perceptions. Back to the start, back to Unity! This is the new Grid-System/ Unityfield/ Tri-wave! All aligned with, anchored and embodied through us!! QUANTUM LEAPING to all new holographic REALITIES and organic Timelines NOW as the old rapidly dissolves! As GODS LOVE HEALS ALL Hearts and Minds wide open, in Awe and Wonder of what is going to transpire next! Tapping into the excitement of a child waiting for Chist-Mass MASSIVE MASS AWAKENING IN PROGRESS as the Collective Heart opens wide!! Forecast is MIRACLES & MAGIC! We make it so! Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona


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