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New Earth living by Linda Li

The spiritual law of giving and receiving says that every living being on the planet has a scale in them. The soul's higher self holds the scale and measures the energy of giving and receiving of the soul all the time.

When there is an imbalance in the soul, there will be a movement of the soul to balance the energy of giving and receiving. Sometimes, a soul gives too much, and it causes imbalance, the higher self will be working with the Universe to bring energies back to the soul so that the soul can be balanced. Energies the higher self brings back to the soul can be in the form of health, wealth, materials things or just pure happiness and bliss and enlightenment. Or it could be lessons of receiving energy the soul needs to learn. All things are energy and the universe gives freely.

However, when the soul asks or receives more of a share of the energy and tips the balance, The soul's higher self will manage to take the extra energy away from the soul in the form of illness, loss of material things or relationships or the soul journey gets shortened or detoured. It is all allowed according to the spiritual law of karma and the personal soul contract and soul purpose. In order for the soul to be able to stay in balance, the soul's higher self will always be on the look out and to make sure there is giving and receiving going on in a soul's life. It is the law of living of a soul on the planet and it is achieved by giving and receiving through soul contracts and actions and deeds a soul conducts throughout a soul's live.

Spiritual laws are in place for all souls. It is just seldom taught to the souls. Living on the new earth, knowing the spiritual laws are pivotal and it is required so that the energies on the new earth can be balanced and fulfilling for all souls and all interactions on the new earth.

Divine love and blessings to all.

Linda Li


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