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By Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide

29.05.21 NEW COLLECTIVE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS UPGRADE - New Timeline 3rd Eye Upgrade from recent Collective Consciousness BREAKTHROUGH. ~Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide *SPECIAL EDITION*~

We had a previous NEW SOUL Star connection before this with a 3rd Eye Upgrade and now another further:

Pushing through to a *NEW* Stellar Gateway and Cosmic Gateway New Clearance breakthrough of energies. (All previous updates are a New Earth Ahead of Time Ascension Timeline)

We have had the past 7-14 days of Super Intense Super Exhaustion energies with this Cellular Upgrade as well, as previously shared in updates and videos.

So right now, you can have head pressure, amazing bright lights or blockages in the 3rd Eye area, this was broken through last night AEST.

I know it was SUPER INTENSE IN REAL DREAM in the astrals for the last 7 days, boy, we have been working through some old darker energies!

I know many of you have been too, I am just validation with you all a bigger picture of this recently and how it has been part of our:

* New cellular upgrade * New christ consciousness breakthrough energies * Cellular upgrade, * New collective conscious upgrade * WITH another 3rd Eye upgrade clearing blocks of the old soul star energies * For New Soul star and Beyond energies, phew Masters just phew

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