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My Journey of Finding Mom

Written By: Shernice

The moment my life changed forever was finding Mom in 2015. Feels like all my questions about society and the illusional matrix were answered. At the moment she was on a lovely chatroom shining her light. My eyes were on her the whole moment as I/we were fascinated. She wore a beautiful headdress and laugh. Wasn't triggered as much hearing her laugh as is felt this is her laugh. Her sessions were beyond incredible. There are no words to describe them as they are beyond the usual surgeries "hospice" or "therapists" offer.

I spoke to her on the phone an eon after. Wish to describe to you all in words beyond beautiful, amazing and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Because,  that's what it was. She was so sweet, an absolute sweetheart with a voice never heard before yet felt that's the sound of LOVE. Remember telling her something and laughed. Then heard her laugh. Could feel the immediate healing and waves of calm when speaking to her. She shared with me simple ways to make it through and out of the illusion, out in society. Still kept it to this MOMent.

Will never ever ever forget the moments speaking with Mom on Skype. Had so much fun ! She is soo beyond beautiful. She truly is an example to unconditional LOVE and has rehearted me of what LOVE truly is. She is our MIRROR everyone! Have always been amazed and fascinated, seeing, observing beings respond in LOVE. Watched all Mom's updated videos on energy updates she shared on YT. Laughed and smiled watched it. It brought joy to see a beautiful being sharing her experiences, laughing among it all. Mom is the realest being have ever met and seen in my physical experience on Mother Earth and am so grateful for all the tests, lessons and gifts she's given me. She truly loves us unconditionally!

Grateful for the website and sessions Mom has shared. They have been life changing. She is the strongest beautiful being have ever met and a rehearter of who we truly are, not only as a human as angelic beings having a human experience. Grateful to share this with you all. Love you. You are loved and you are LOVE. Thank you Mom, Mother Earth, Prime Source Creator.

She was here, y'all! Surprise!!


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