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Morning Gratitude Prayer

By: Mother of All Creation

Every morning for the past 2 years I have started my day with gratitude and intentions……. To begin this process I suggest that one write them down first and read them out loud every day….. These have been mine that you can use or come up with your own…. What does your world look like?

So after saying thank you for everything I intend ….

I always start by saying a deep thank you for all those who help me from all the higher realms….

Thank you God for helping me become the greatest version/vision of myself that I can be for the greatest good at all times….

Thank you for helping me to become a Human, Multidimensional Angel, and helping to create Heaven on earth…..

Thank you for the abundance of peace, harmony, joy, light, energy and unconditional love that flows into my life….

Thank you for the abundance of money flowing into my life….

Thank you for the millions of dollars that fall into my lap to use for the greater good….

Thank you God for using me as an instrument for the greater good….

Thank you for helping me complete my contract and what I came here to do my purpose….

Thank you for cutting all the contracts I have with everyone and have substituted around us in place of unconditional love, light, healing, faith and joy </em>.

Thank you for my perfect health and my complete alignment at all times with what is real and true

Thank you that I am worthy and deserving of the best of everything