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Channeled by Marta

Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you what awaits you in September.

It is this month that will become the turning point of the fight between the Light and Dark Forces at the physical level.

And it will show all around the globe – almost in all the countries and on all the continents.

During the recent months there was in progress concentrating of energies at both the sides: high vibration energies that were arriving from space and were grounded by the best representatives of humanity and low vibration ones that were generated by the henchmen of the hidden government, with the power in most countries of the world being in the grip of the latter.

As a result, a huge amount of high vibration energies started to absorb and dissolve the negative energies of the Dark Forces’ representatives on Earth that, unlike light energies, are deprived of the infeed from above.

It happens because your Earth is in quarantine now and is being carefully protected by the spaceships of the Galaxy Light Federation.

Thanks to this low vibration energies found themselves “locked” on Earth and they lost liaison with their origin.

And, on the contrary, high vibration energies get tremendous support from without, which encourages revival of more and more people who in their turn start to emanate the light energies of Unity, Equality and Brotherhood.

Why is it September that will become a determining month in human history?

Before all, because it is this month that features the peak of high vibration energies – the very energy “tsunami” that was spoken about in my recent message.

But to a considerable degree it will be facilitated by the fact that all the criminal activities of the hidden government have ultimately been brought to light.

Even common people see the true essence of the corruptionists at the helm and the system of esprit de corps created by them.