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Massive Quantum Reality Jump Completed

By: Ramona Lappin

We've completed a massive Timeline/ reality/ frequency jump, raising the Collective Consciousness to a higher frequency base level. This one is a BIGGIE! A culmination of many things, which I will talk about separately in more detail soon. A Higher Heart-Mind connection is now available and replaces and overwrites the old mind driven / reptilian mind/ survival programming. Christ Consciousness is going mainstream with a new unified code of morals and ethics, love and compassion is coming online, as we collectively and those that have chosen this at soul level, are starting to awaken to higher wisdom / Cosmic Consciousness unlocking from within our Blueprints and sacred DNA. Some of us are ushering in the final stages of Divine Union, supporting the migration to the new Unityfield/ Grid System/ Trinity wave. We are going to see new levels of Love starting to be expressed and experienced as the new relationship templates activate and we align as a Collective Consciousness with the Cosmic Heart and Mind, the Godhead and God Source Consciousness. All to be embodied from within. We get to go first as the forerunners to anchor these new Templates in and they get distributed/ become available within the field (collective consciousness). NOW we get to have more fun with this as the hard work has been done! Hallelujah!!

It's only taken some aeon's

Allow the integration & unfoldment of this sacred leap in Consciousness and deep inner transformation to take place as our gifts and abilities are coming strongly online now. Much healing and powerful upgrades are taking place especially when resting and sleeping. Memories return and arise from within. New missions and instruction sets are activating. Our inner power rises now as we step up in FULL CONFIDENCE and BELIEVE in our abilities and wisdom! Claiming our Sovereignty, Freedom and Abundance from deep within! Where all is birthed and arises from! Now we reclaim our powers as Divine Co-creators and Architects of ALL NEW WORLDS! Because we remember there's nothing and no-one to fear or more powerful than us, as Source embodied, when we stand in God's armour, our Hearts healed and our lessons learned. Now all we have learned along the way is coming together as all the puzzle pieces start to fit together and the big picture reveals itself! As Clarity and Truth are finally revealed and all is seen for what it is!

Not for the faint of heart but we came here to navigate through the storm with arms and hearts wide open and to find higher dimensional viewpoints to why all had been unfolding as it has. ALL TO BRING US BACK TO UNIFICATION WITH THE ONE, GOD SOURCE, to know ourselves again as that and remember all ultimately is reflection of that. To bring resolution to the game not to keep fighting that which is already collapsing and dissolving, hanging by the threats of old illusions of the Matrix. Each moment we get to choose whether we keep pointing towards the past or to be part of and focus on the future. This all comes back to thought!


This all comes back to belief systems!!!!!!

And that's where we get to change it all. If you know MSM is full of shit why keep feeding their timelines and nefarious agendas with your sacred life force energy? Reverse it instead and overwrite their deluded realities with the ones you want instead! Never mind who's right! I don't care about right I care about what I want and what I came here for and that definitely is not to keep feeding 'their' fallen timelines that are collapsing (!!) by believing in them! I CAME TO CREATE ALL NEW!! How about you?

NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP FULLY INTO OUR POWER & ACTIVATE THE HIGHER DIMENSIONAL REALITIES THROUGH US! Our every word, thought, belief and action does that! Choose wisely the energies that you are engaging with and feeding. All comes back to responsible energy management and us keeping a sovereign field! So no time to get sloppy or complacent! Keep your energy field clear and strong as wells your heart and mind. Remember that some of the greatest lessons for us has been to to learn discernment, boundaries and not take any bullshit! No more enabling others, no more letting people 'get away with murder'. It's clean up time and everything in our life's a micro reflection of what goes on the macro. So that's where we get to do the work! Time to check on our levels of faith and believe in the Divine and ourselves!!

Faith as small as a mustard seed can and is moving mountains! It's actually a mustard seed party

And remember butterflies, we've all been caterpillars once!

Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona


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