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Mary Magdalene - You Are So Loved!

June 16, 2021

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! The movement of cosmic events interacts with the Earth and her inhabitants. The scale of infinite possibility that is made available during these times in world events is mind boggling and hard for humanity to fathom. It is ready to manifest into your reality with your perseverance and determined and conscious intent. Stay true to your highest vision for the Earth and her inhabitants and for yourself and your loved ones. All that appears before you now on the world stage does not have the ring of truth, and your wisdom and discernment is required. Always follow your inner guidance and stay focused and positive as events unfold. You will be shown the way forward in Divine right timing. You are never alone, for we are always with you.

You are venturing into the unknown and must be ready to surrender to it from now on. Every day, life is becoming a glorious adventure. Many of you are faced with great challenges and this will require your attention. These will ease somewhat as the months unfold so do not give up! Time is folding in on itself, some days pass by so quickly and others give you extra time to complete your tasks and the past and future happenings converge. All that was from the past is coming up for careful review and discernment. Do not take on those energies that try to come online from former civilizations that did not ultimately succeed – do your research and take only that which comes from high civilizations that lived in an illumined way, in a peaceful and harmonious existence for all the inhabitants.

Remember that you are imprinting the new Earth reality – add only that which is of the highest frequency and consciousness that is in alignment with Divine Source and the natural laws on your planet. Become a witness to all that occurs for these are special times and, in your future, you will count yourself blessed for the opportunity to have been here now! There are so many changes coming forward during these times and as with any changes, initially, they are not perceived as positive, and it is only in retrospect that you will see the higher perspective of cosmic evolution taking place. It is only through direct experience that your soul evolution journey takes place. This is how your personal wisdom is attained that becomes a part of you.

Bring balance through your heart mind in all that comes up for you. As you go within, it becomes easier to recognize what no longer serves you and your path. Stay true to the pure love that is your Divinity for that is your true power. Stay strong for there will continue to be events and energies that will vie for your attention. You have been learning how to avoid the distracting ‘rabbit holes’ that can take you off path and this ability is serving you well. Practice your spiritual disciplines each day, even if it is just a quick prayer in your busy life. There will be a breakthrough in world events in the coming days that will ease the tension and anxiety of these present times. The people of the Earth on this planet are very ready for this occurrence.

Each of you who are reading this message are being blessed and showered with the energies of the Divine Feminine. You are receiving the energies of love, clarity of mind, courage, bravery and empowerment from the highest realms of Light and love. Go forward in your life in peace, love and joy! You are enabled to become an ever more efficient and practical manifestor of your dreams and hopes. You are so loved!

I AM Mary Magdalene.

Channelled by: Marlene Swetlishoff

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