By: Marie Mohler

They Will Part The Waters of Distorted Polarity & Unbalanced Chemistry to Ultimately Help Source To Unify & Usher In Sacred Balance, Peace, Transparency, & Well Being For All ~ For Many Years to Come


Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through higher dimensional frequencies of Light, Sound, Grace, and Living Prana. And this time on your world? Is a Time for Deep Divine Prana, Grounding in the Sacred Light of the Balanced Divine Masculine and the Balanced Divine Feminine, and allowing in Source’s Bigger Vision for you and for this planet. We spoke of Big Breaths in the last transmission. Yes? This is that time. And you are the receiver, the conductor, and the transmitter of this Higher Energy that the world deeply needs to rise with greater ease, peace, and collective grace.

The air you breathe, the way you breathe, is vital now to your own inner alchemy and the shifts you feel occurring within and without. For those new to this focus on the breath, we are grateful you are joining us today. Being here in the reading of this transmission or the listening to or watching of these messages is a sign that something inside you knows there is more. More to life, more to you, and more to planet Earth as you and the whole world have known it. To see it, you will need to breathe better and deeper into it. For Conscious Breathing in this way is the only True Life Force for your Sacred Heart Center. And your Sacred Heart Center’s engine? Is Living Sentience. And the more you live in your Conscious Breathing, and connect with your All-Knowing Expansive and Multidimensional Heart Center, the more you are accessing higher dimensional frequencies that live in your Sentient Operating System, or simply put, your System of Divine Sentience, that feels all to know all. That senses all to know all. That loves all to know all.

Now this sounds like a far cry from where humanity is right now to where you are divinely meant to rise, shine, and be in an “always” state of being. Yes? In the fragmented, separated, suffering, and challenged world around you, and at times within you, you might ask yourself, how is God/Source/Creator going to take all of this and make it “all of that” goodness, all of that light, and all of that healed and whole energy again? If you remember, we have spoken of Source as The Ultimate Baker. God/Source/Creator knows how to take all of the ingredients of you, and all of the ingredients in the giant soup pot of human experience right now, and all of the ingredients in the soup pot of all sentient experience right now, and bring the right ingredients for Divine Alchemy, bringing cooling energies to the heat many feel and bringing heat to the cool or perhaps dulled down and disconnected aspects that many feel as well. Alchemy is chemistry, yes? And chemistry, in the biblical sense, in the creationary sense, in the science sense, and most of all ~ in the Spiritual Sense, is balance. Everything in balance. Everything in harmony.

And what you see in your world is the overreaching and overbearing nature of the acidic nature of separation consciousness running full boar and full bull, which ultimately creates and seeds intense fear in the whole collective at one level or another. What you also see is the disempowered and passive energies and nature of an alkaline environment when they have been swimming and even languishing in inaction, in sleepiness, in forgetfulness, and in painfulness for too long of a time, even lifetimes, resulting in greater acquiescing to the engine of this 3D matrix that wants people to stay asleep and disempowered so that more and more of you can be controlled, taxed, depleted, and made subservient or even rendered soulless for the ultimate control and execution of deeper and denser agendas. Thus you get the picture that too much acid or too much alkalinity in your physical chemistry leads to other manifestations that reflect imbalance. With enough imbalance, you might just see threats of global war. Nuclear war even. Yes?

And what does this polarized energy summon in in times like these? We would say, with great faith, with great love, and with great admiration and humility, . . . it summons in the Ultimate Healer. The Ultimate Baker, and the Ultimate Alchemist. This is what and whom your world needs in these times. And this is what is coming in these times. Which is Your Time. The Now Time. Or simply, your present time. This includes March, April, May, and all of 2022 and this whole decade of experience.

What are the twin harbingers of Bull and Boar here to help humanity with specifically? The run away train of toxic chemistry internally and externally. They are here to soothe those polarities and simmer them down to their rightful states. They sit on the right hand of God/Source/Creator assisting with this alchemical, neutralizing, healing energy, that comes through the exposure of such powerful energies within and all around you; And then once and for all, bringing a soothing reign of Light, the Living Light, that is the life force that soothes and heals all wounds. It is the Living Light that resets your faith and that realigns your heart with the Godheart, with your Divine Spark, and with your living essence. And this is a powerful gift being given to humanity at this time . . . the gift of the awareness of yourselves as Alchemists, created by an Ultimate Alchemist and Ultimate Baker, and made manifest in His image and likeness for all time.

Do you think that as extreme as the polarities can be at this time . . . that Source Energy cannot bring wholeness, completeness, balance, and harmony to all who live here and upon the earth? Do you believe that healing at this level is beyond Source’s Reach or Capacity to face and to bring ease and grace again to this world? Nothing is impossible with faith the size of a mustard seed and with a willingness to be healed and to rise in a renewed faith and an expansive divine vision than you have ever had before.

And that is the place that we want to connect with inside you today and inside all of you as more of the New Earth Light touches this world and activates all things back into the Light of Source and the Garden of Eden energy again.

When it is the most hopeless, reach within and make room for hope-full-ness.

When it is the most angry, most chaotic energy around you, reach within and make room for ease, peace, and calm.

When it is the most constricted and the most intense time that you can EVER remember living, seek within more peace and more knowing of the Power of the Light than you have remembered and tapped into in lifetimes.

Its all here, in you. The Creator’s Divine Design is here in you.

And it always has been. And that chemistry in you? That Divine Template for Perfect Harmonious Balanced Chemistry? Is here in you as well.

So let’s return a moment to the metaphor of the fish living out of the water now. That fish, who previously was living in the vibrational seas of life either out in the literal ocean or in its little fishbowl, . . . is overwhelmed much of the time by the swinging poles of emotions and physiological chemistries, or is trapped by the limits and incarcerations that it at soul level had accepted as all there is, is used to being tight, stressed, hopeless, fearful, seeking safety in smallness, and living in its own stews of unending 3D thoughts and overarching karmic patternings. But here now, having transcended so much of those lower vibrational belief systems, it has brought a sacred balance to its inner waters, which is reflected in its new habitats and its new ways of moving, swimming, being, breathing, and creating in the world today.

This toxic level of noise, stress, and pressure to achieve and to be more and more and more all of the time, this constant need to distract, and also to diagnose, and to ultimately acquire more and more to fill yourselves up, as if to soak up a little bit of the uncomfortable or even rancid acidity that your personal and collective thought forms create in this world . . . is what must change, transform, alchemize, and be made new again. And this equally toxic level of submission, subversion, acquiescing, compliance, and passivity is also necessitating the epic miraculous rebalancing acts that only the higher dimensional healing hands and benevolent heart of Source can manifest within you and for all of you.

Who truly wants to swim in those toxic energies, either pole, in a fishbowl or anywhere else for that matter? No one. There is no one of you that truly desires this 3D level of living any more. But like the fish in the original metaphor we shared, sometimes . . . until shown what you are living in . . . many fish do not even know the difference. They are living in the water, but have no idea they are wet.

Many of you reading or hearing a transmission like this, already have a sense that everything is about to change, and for a much greater and deeply divine BETTER than you can even imagine. This is why some of you have left the water, in your consciousness anyway, and you have leapt into the air and ethers of the New Age of Aquarius. New potentialities, new possibilities, new creativities, and new ways of even perceiving yourselves and the gifts you have always had but from a whole new perspective are finding you. The vision for your life has left that microcosmic fishbowl and you have left the spiritual astigmatism that made that fishbowl appear for a long time ~ to be so much bigger and better than it actually ever was.

And what if in the next few months ~ you will be liberated ~ again and again ~ and made new ~ again and again ~ and expanded ~ again and again . . . to more cleanly, more clearly, and more deeply align with who you really are, beyond the acids and the alkalinity that live in polarity and into the zero point of alchemical alchemy where both are needed to form a pure and perfect One. These are the seas you are navigating now dear ones. They are seas and storms of Ascensionary Alchemy. And now these are no longer purely external storms in the outer, chaotic, and even bitter world around you at times. These are profound inner storms, and great tempests if you will, that must be reconciled and evolved through . . . into the balanced chemical equations of divine neutrality. And in the Alchemical Balance of Neutrality, you find grace. You experience ease. You find sovereignty. It is a place where simply breathing is a Divine Spiritual Experience. And that is but a glimpse of the world that awaits you, and that also too, lives within you, right now. Just waiting to be discovered. Remembered. And reactivated again.

March Frequencies through the ages have carried a certain degree of suspicion, uncertainty, warning, and even trepidation. They sometimes roll in ~ under the cover of an ominous mist, leaving onlookers to simply wait and wonder as to what they will unfold, unveil, and reveal. Do you recall the warning, Beware ~ The Ides of March? The Ides of March are associated with the 15th of March, of around the middle of March. Generally there is a full moon that corresponds with the Ides of March, as if to say a culmination, a crescendo, a fever pitch will be reached, and somehow lives will be forever changed by the shifts these kinds of events or happenings bring.

While you feel the energies of omens, ominousness, foreboding, and foreshadowing of unexpected things to come, we would also like to invite you to feel and seed in a more positive sense of auspicion . . . where you live, breathe, and consciously create as alchemical neutralizers to the previous acidity and polarity of suspicion. Suspicion and Auspicion (not an actual word in most of your languages today but we highly recommend that it should be) energetically and alchemically embody the very qualities of acidity and alkalinity that humanity needs in these times. This is what is awakening inside many of the lightworkers and Lightweavers in your world today.

Can you eliminate acidity and still live in vibrant homeostasis? No. The same holds true for alkalinity. Can you eliminate alkalinity and still live in a vibrant homeostasis? No. How about if we substitute the masculine or divine masculine for acidity? Can you remove the masculine and divine masculine aspects of you and still be in vibrant homeostasis? No. Can you remove or eliminate the feminine or the divine feminine from this alchemical equation and still live in vibrant homeostasis? And divine perfection and balance? No. What about light and shadow? Can you remove shadow and still live in vibrant homeostasis? Or can you remove light and still live in vibrant homeostasis? No.

So life requires balance, yes? And life requires life force. Yes? And frequencies in the New Earth require sentience to feel your way through a new world, living beyond the waters of the Piscean Age. Thus, this March, and in the months to come in 2022, you are all increasing in sensitivity. You are increasing in conductivity. What you think and feel, so you become. And so you express. And so you are. For those still more completely inhabiting the fishbowls and illusions of the Piscean age, and believing that is all there is, there will be more conductivity of energies that increase your or their inner chemistries that live in separation consciousness and out of step and out of sync with the Laws of One and Unity Consciousness. Sometimes it IS the soup pots of polarizing ingredients and 3D chemistry that we learn our greatest lessons about this Living Universe, the Living Life Force, the Living Breath, and your role as a participant in all 3 of those things. March will bring greater balance to some people’s experiences and very likely will continue to swirl more stormy seas and tempests in the human experience to awaken the sleeping souls who are drowning in illusion, and who don’t know they are even wet yet.

March is summoning all who are out of balance in their lives and in their energy fields . . . to a greater balance and wholeness inside themselves. 2022 is summoning that overarching and overall balance in all of you. When the storms get rough, when the alchemy calls to you, when chaos rises, and ease and peace seem elusive, what is the first way to set the course for Divine Alchemy to reset within you, when tension or acidity rises and passivity, conformity, sleepiness, or alkalinity still rise as well? The Breath.

The Breath is the Great Alchemizer. It is the Great Neutralizer. It is the Great Harmonizer. And it is the Great Unifier within you. If you had one tool you could take with you on any journey in any hero’s journey to face a dragon (who is generally an outer reflection of any hero’s inner dragons), more than a sword, more than a shield, more than anything physically you could take with you, it is The Breath that is the multidimensional change agent, tool, and transcender of experiences and you carry that Sacred Protection and Tool within you at all times. In Source’s Infinite Wisdom, it is what is required FOR LIFE.

While the fish can be in the water and not be aware that it is wet, too often humanity is living on the earth planes and unaware that it is breathing. March is going to require more conscious participation in Divine Breathing. More Conscious Breathing. More Alchemical and Transmutation Divine and Sacred Breathing.

2022 holds within its activation and liberation codes . . . the power to awaken worlds. Multidimensional Depths within all Sentient Beings. And you dear ones, will be called to The Breath. In increasing ways. Through powerful events. All will find their way to the Power of the Breath this year, after the biblical serpent’s games of playing games to remove the breath. The life force. And to thwart the Prana of God’s Creation from God’s Children and from Creation itself. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. What has been afforded the serpent, for many thousands of years, to reach this point in time and this moment of creation, to manifest with its skills its will and vision for this earth, so too Source will manifest Divine Skills, Divine Will, and Divine Vision for this Earth, and all life upon her.

While the Serpent has sought to take the very breath of Humanity and all life forms on planet earth, Source gives it in abundance. The Wealth, Health, and Freedom that the Serpent seeks to suppress and thwart, God gives in great amplitude and plentitude. And more will continue to increase and expand on this planet to those who practice inner listening, deep divine breathing, inner alchemy, and conscious liberation and integration in these times.

In March, and in the remaining months of 2022, and the 20