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Learned Helplessness

Learned helplessness is one of the main reasons for all passivity, depression and indulgence in so-called destiny. The learned helplessness has already been passed on to us by our parents, unaware of what they are doing at all. Everyone knows the phrase: "It is how it is, we can't do anything." Soon after, the learned helplessness was further programmed by the school system and all social KULT-ure. People program each other with such statements and surrender to destiny.

In doing so, however, they are unaware that this so-called destiny has been carefully created by the sick minds of all world governments. The programming of learned helplessness in an individual by the system is a necessary tool for maintaining this vampire system. The current system only exists because the vast majority of people are not yet aware of their power and believe they are powerless to be able to make any changes.

Dear people, everyone can contribute to the changes of the system through their daily activities within the framework of heart ethics. Most of all, by no longer giving our energy, even energy in the form of money, into anything that is not life-supporting. This also includes paying taxes in the awareness that the money from the taxes is then used to destroy and degrade life. Be aware of your power dear one, be aware that wars exist only because soldiers did not choose God’s law, DO NOT KILL and prefer to succumb to fear = EGO. The top elites are basically just infecting the masses with their media propaganda with their sick plans in their favor. All this under the pretext that it is good for the masses.

At the same time, they use intimidation known to all of us which is the fear of death. Crowds of people then actually carry out these plans of theirs and are so-called agents of the sick system. Like Jesus said, let them go because they don’t know what they are doing. That's right, in the unconscious then many people keep on this beast system that do not care about the lives of people, animals, plants and Mother Earth. Realize human, that you have a choice and that you can say NO to anything that is not supportive of life.

Be aware that under any intimidation is manipulation carried out with the intention of paralyzing the judgment of the people and consequently aiming at subjugation into the slave system. A slave system can only exist on condition that people uncritically obey in fear of losing their lives. In this fear, they then give up their rights and freedom. All this under the pretext of false security offered by the system. Realize that the system needs your consent for anything! The power is in us humans, we create everything that is created in the world. It is time for everyone to ask themselves whether the creations I create on a daily basis are supportive of life, or whether they have a destructive effect on me and the environment. Taking personal responsibility for living and acting in a heart ethic on a daily basis will create a new more beautiful world full of love.

Let’s help each other, socialize, and look forward to every day of life. Love ourselves and our fellow man as a brother. It will change the world, the awareness that we are all sisters and brothers. Only when you see yourself in the other(YOU), than you realize the true grace of God that is in all of us.

Andrej Majer

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