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Last Night's Eclipse Isn't Over, In the Skies Within You, It's Just Begun.

By: Marcia, aka Star Sister


You’re in the most potent -- and volatile -- of energy fields this weekend, as the only total solar eclipse between December 15, 2020 and April 20, 2023 begins to ripple through your Deep Heart. What you’re in the midst of, is whole-system reboot. It was seeded last night, when the Sagittarius Moon blocked the Big Light that comes to you from 93 million miles away, every minute of your life. You didn’t have to see it. You didn’t even have to know it was happening. That light from our solar system’s only star keeps you alive. You're so connected to our Sun -- in every cell of your being

-- that when it turned black for nearly two minutes in the skies over western Antarctica last night, the signal traveled straight to your Deep Heart. It went all the way to the space on which your atoms float. What happened deep within you is still taking form and consolidating. A total solar eclipse creates a powerful energy field that’s both extremely creative and highly unstable. That's why it’s so important to give yourself the time and space you need to integrate the re-set -- and to come into resonance with the new star codes. If you do, you can come into a resonance with the Great Mystery that can swing open the gate within you to a new and very different phase of the massive shift that’s sweeping our planet -- and change the flow of the Universe that's within you, just as much as it's around you.

The cosmic power of a single degree

This was the only eclipse to occur in 12 degrees Sagittarius in over 750 years. That makes it as rare as the Great Mutation of our reality codes that was seeded almost a year ago, when the solar system's two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn. conjoined in 0 Aquarius at the 2020 Winter Solstice. That began a shift from earth-coded to air-coded reality structures that hadn't happened since 1226 -- and it's one whose implications we're just beginning to be able to discern.

The same, seldom-eclipsed degree of Sagittarius is also the Ascendant of the US, a country that hadn't even been imagined in 1649, the last time a solar eclipse happened here. That was the year a British king was executed and England began the only 11 years in its history without a monarch. Perhaps it was an energetic rehearsal for the American Revolution that would begin 127 years later, when 12 Sagittarius was rising over the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania horizon.

The Cosmic Power of Antarctica

The parts of the Earth where any eclipse path falls is where its greatest effects are felt -- and last night, that was western Antarctica -- where 90 percent of all the world's ice and 70 percent of all the world's fresh water is located. It's also where ice caps that formed 33 million years ago are now melting at a rate of over 200 billion tons a year and multiple species of penguins and albatross are threatened or critically endangered. If there's one thing last month’s COP26 climate change conference -- and its stunning failure to reach agreement on cooperative, climate-preserving action -- made clear, it's this: The protection and restoration of the climate structures that make life as we know it possible requires far deeper shifts in consciousness than we’ve yet been able to sustain.

Because of the tremendous significance of Antarctica to all of beings who live on Planet Earth, I'm calling this rare and potent eclipse the Antarctica Eclipse. Along with the powerful astrology that will follow in the days, weeks, and months ahead, the Antarctica Eclipse could be the catalyst for shifts of consciousness powerful enough to be sustained at larger reality scales -- if we collaborate with the Cosmos to create and hold the space where it can happen, in our intentions, our thoughts, and our relationships.

Holding space: a power intrinsic to the Cosmic Feminine

Last night’s eclipse occurred near the Moon’s South Node -- the release point for outworn patterns, freeing energy to shift into the consciousness that unlocks the good future. As we release old beliefs about how things are, and how they should be, we come into deeper resonance with the flow of the Cosmos. We see with new eyes what is possible as we move thorough the heart of massive global shift. The bigger the shift we intend to make, the deeper the space we must hold. The power of holding space is quintessential Cosmic Feminine medicine -- and it's the domain of the largest centaur planet, Chariklo, now back in Aquarius for the first time since the early 1960s, when she held space for the cultural revolution in music, sexuality, a variety of anti-racist people's liberation movements, and the return of ancient wisdom paths.

To paraphrase Shakespeare's observation about Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream, though she be but little, she is potent. Of the more than a million celestial bodies in our solar system, Chariklo is one of only six to have a ring around her. Four of those six are the giant planets -- Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Everyone knows those big boys are important. Perhaps the reason the Universe put a ring around two tiny sky goddesses Chariklo and Haumea was to remind us that importance comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

Each sign makes its own, distinctive contribution to this alchemical art of holding space. In Sagittarius, we find two of the most inspiring, and also transformative. One is the Galactic Center,which the Gemini Full Moon will oppose on December 19, inviting us to take our lives to a new level. The other is a gravitational anomaly known as the Great Attractor, which last night's Total Antarctica Eclipse conjoined.

Leveraging cosmic power to change reality -- at every level of a fractal Universe

The alignment of our planet’s two great lights, the Sun and Moon, last night leveraged vast levels of cosmic power located far beyond our solar system. The power of the Universe’s largest star and its most irresistibly magnetic force were live-streaming right into the Antarctica Eclipse, which focused it into the identity of the US -- and the Sagittarius house of your own, one-of-a-kind birth chart. A red supergiant known to the ancients as one of the four Royal Stars, Antares activates enormous, sometimes superhuman, levels of charisma, courage, and strength. A Royal Star event is never to be taken lightly. In both a birth chart and one of another major cosmic event, it confers great power -- and a high-stakes mandate to live up to the imperative of the star to live on behalf of something greater than the separate self.

The same can be said of the Great Attractor. First believed to be a single, massive “thing” on the far side of the Universe, with nearly miraculous power, astrophysicists have discovered it's actually more of a signpost -- pointing not to just one cosmic structure, but to multiple galaxy superclusters, each containing thousands upon thousands of distinct cosmic structures, and each dwarfing the Great Attractor itself. The gravitational anomaly in 14 Sagittarius that has captured the imagination of astrologers and other star gazers, is a wayshower, to another level of cosmic reality -- one where something we're still struggling to achieve on Earth, both individuality and massive, multi-level collaboration, co-exist in an interdependent way. Colossal networks of galaxies lie beyond the Great Attractor -- far more immense than anything we’ve imagined and extending much further than we could have expected. Their existence is not only hidden behind the Milky Way, but also behind the Great Attractor, and behind the Shapley Supercluster beyond it (once believed to be the largest structure in the Universe), and behind the Norma Supercluster beyond that as well. The Great Attractor points to a force that reaches at least as far as the more recently Vela Supercluster --- and it leverages the power of all that surrounds it. What the Great Attractor activates is a much deeper understanding of a fractal universe in which everything is part of something larger -- in which interrelatedness and leverage create flow. They point to power with, not the power over that has guided a culture of domination for over 5,000 years. It seems to be telling us that when we come into resonance with other life forms and structures, we create something that could not otherwise exist

-- something so powerful it can change the direction of the Universe itself.

The Cosmic Feminine -- the most transformative force

in the Universe

A solar eclipse conjunct the Great Attractor is a reset with hidden power -- taking us back to the ancient Vedic understanding of Shakti as the female body of the Universe, and to the hidden, yin power that fuels everything in the Universe. This hidden force needs the yang thrust of visible reality to contain it. Like the Sun and Moon, or Mars and Venus, these two exist as an interplay, and can never be separated -- or life could not exist. The Universe depends on their dance. When one even gains the upper hand, life becomes sterile and meaningless, or chaotic and overwhelming.

The combined fingerprints of these cosmic forces, yin and yang, are all over the fiery eclipse that's still sending sparks throughout your energy field. The solar system’s ten core bodies are all concentrated in one half of the zodiac, creating a bowl of energy that holds the signs between Scorpio and Taurus. The challenge a bowl pattern brings is that of integrating the qualities contained in the other half of the chart -- and in reality itself -- and so to become whole. That's our challenge now, too.

The Antarctica Eclipse: opening an 8-year portal

Last night's eclipse was the last of six resets in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis since May 2020 -- your final initiation into the relationship between what’s happening right around you and the bigger picture. We won’t have another Sagittarius eclipse for eight years -- and when we do, it will occur almost exactly where the one last night happened, in 13 Sagittarius.

You’ve just entered an eight-year portal, of learning to connect the small scale with the big one. And the relationship between love, transformation, and power is the key that will show you the way that changes the game.

You've just stepped into this portal and already the gates to the good future are moving fast. Between December 23, 2021 and January 18, 2022, the Moon's nodes -- the energy gates that bring in the good future and release the outworn past -- are opening in Venus' earth sign of Taurus and Mars' ancient water realm of Scorpio. Until July 2023, Venus, the power of your love, and Mars, the way you move towards it, will be your destiny gatekeepers -- and those of our world. They're both totally committed and fully engaged. Two months ago, the Red Planet, Mars, began a new two-year cycle -- in Venus' air sign home of Libra. Two days before the Antarctica Eclipse, the Red One moved within 18 degrees of the Sun, beginning an eight-month phase of exploring his ability to impact our world with his presence. Last night, as the Moon eclipsed the Sun, Venus was shining at her maximum brilliance from her highest point in the sky -- the point the ancients called her throne. In two weeks and a day, she’ll arise -- not to ascend higher still, but to begin the most daring journey in the Universe, the descent into the depths of the Heart. It's there that she’ll conceive a new and never-before way to embody and express the power of love.

The powers of your love, and of the way you move towards it, are preparing to change reality

That's another story -- the one you took birth for. I'll be sharing much more about it very soon.

With so much love, and all the blessings of the stars,

Marcia, aka Star Sister

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