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Karmic Cycle Completion: Messages for the 3 Waves

By: Archeia Aurora

Humanity is currently existing in 3 waves of consciousness. Our original path was to awaken as a collective, in small waves, and begin our transition beginning Dec 21, 2012. This did not occur due to the extreme interference and manipulation of consciousness by the Dark. The EGO had grown to be an extremely destructive virus that was infiltrationg all levels of consciousness. As we now approach the Winter Solstice of Dec 21, 2021, we are returning to the mirror timeline of 2012, completing the 9 year cycle.

Because we were behind the original timeline… the roles had to be changed.

You see, due to us being behind schedule, the roles of the wavers had to be changed because even the first wavers were late and got lost in spiritual ego! So… the divine plan changed. The third wavers took on the role of the deep