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Karmic Cycle Completion: Messages for the 3 Waves

By: Archeia Aurora

Humanity is currently existing in 3 waves of consciousness. Our original path was to awaken as a collective, in small waves, and begin our transition beginning Dec 21, 2012. This did not occur due to the extreme interference and manipulation of consciousness by the Dark. The EGO had grown to be an extremely destructive virus that was infiltrationg all levels of consciousness. As we now approach the Winter Solstice of Dec 21, 2021, we are returning to the mirror timeline of 2012, completing the 9 year cycle.

Because we were behind the original timeline… the roles had to be changed.

You see, due to us being behind schedule, the roles of the wavers had to be changed because even the first wavers were late and got lost in spiritual ego! So… the divine plan changed. The third wavers took on the role of the deep sleepers. They literally contracted to stay asleep until the 11th hour. Why? Because of the duality nature of our existence, we need CONTRAST in order to see what is true and what is light, because we can clearly see the difference between dark and light on the 3D plane. The Dark got bolder, more sloppy, more ridiculous and thus so did the deep sleepers. This SPARKED the first wavers into an accelerated path and it sparked the second wave to get activated. It is because of the level of ignorance that we woke up faster, it is because of the lies and the corruption that we remembered our truth. Once you see these roles for what they are, a game, you release your resentment anger and also attachment to “waking people up”.

As we approach the Winter Solstice and Christmas, the Christed New Earth timeline is becoming activated, and the karmic timeline is ending. Mother of All Creation dissolved ALL karma on the planet up to the year 2009. This was decided by Mother, Source, as the amount of karma was too great for Humanity to clear in order to begin the ascension process. Karma=unlearned lessons. The amount of pain and suffering on the planet is due to karmic lessons unlearned. Ultimately, we all have failed at the ascension process many times. On a planetary scale, this was the 7th attempt at planetary ascension, and it is the lifetime where we succeed. In order to succeed we needed assistance from Source, to break us out of the Matrix and to be given the cleared path to true awakening.

From the years 2018-2021, Mother, Source, took on 99% of the remaining karma of Humanity. Again, this was done because it was seen that the wavers were not accelerating fast enough to allow for the tipping point of consciousness to occur. Karmic lessons always come through as challenges, loss, pain and suffering because only through those experiences do we go within. It is only through an external mirror do we see something within ourselves. Source has taken on the work load for us and She masterfully paved the unchartered path for us to do the same. The path to becoming God with God.

The first wavers are those that have been awake for quite some time. This could be decades to a few years, but the first wavers were responsible for entering a fast track of awakening and ascension. Many of the first wavers have had an incredible amount of pain, suffering, and life challenges. This was purposely in order to speed up our awakening and our realizations of our purpose. Unfortunately, many of the first wavers got stuck in spiritual ego or became reclusive and isolated and could not fully complete their contract in leading humanity. Those currently in the first wave are coming up on the ending of their karmic contracts. The first wavers have almost all detached from 3D and are taking the path of dedicated service to humanity.

We have played all of the roles and we have come to see the game for what it is. We no longer are attached to external events, or seeking to save anyone, nor are we waiting for anyone to save us. We no longer need the external karmic events in order to learn or grow, as all awareness now comes from within. We are done with the rinse and repeat cycles. We have forgiven all, including the Dark, and now our roles are shifting into a new timeline where we begin consciously co-creating our reality under Divine Will. New opportunities of leadership and service will be coming to us and this is a new level of challenge for us as we strive to fully anchor in our higher selves into physicality. We will be reaching new levels of transformation and deep layers of the onion within ourselves which is both scary and exciting. We are beginning our crystalline embodiment phase.

The second wavers are those who (may) have woken up through the election fraud, Q, the pandemic, vaccine propaganda, etc. The second wavers were sparked into action through their soul remembering and their striving for truth and freedom. You have learned and absorbed so much information and are now working to integrate new understandings. You may be going through deep physical, emotional, or mental healing and you are coming into a deeper knowing of what your purpose is. The second wavers are about to have MASSIVE UPGRADES. You are going to be pressure cooked in an area of your life where you must LET GO. Do not resist what the Universe is guiding you to, but your Higher Self will be relentless in showing you where you must change, let go, and transform.

The challenge the second wave is currently facing is addiction to information, belief systems, and savior programming. All must pass through these phases and ultimately transform them. Anytime you are analyzing, focused on dates, needing PROOF, you are in the mind, period. When you are in the heart, and balanced between your brain and heart, you can FEEL and discern the truth of any information you receive. Your heart is your compass and guide, not your mind. All second wavers are now reaching the point where you must take all of the information you have learned thus far, and forget everything you think you know. As you enter the realm of NOT knowing, you come to know everything. Through awareness and dissolvement of your EGO programmings, you will experience a quantum leap in your consciousness.

The savior programming must also be dissolved. You cannot save anyone, and the more you seek to save, the longer the deep sleeper role will continue. Thank your families and friends and relatives for playing their role. You are anchoring in deeper levels of compassion, non attachment, and forgiveness. You are entering a deep healing phase where you finally let go of trauma, wounding, reaction, judgement, etc. Anything you see as “good” or “bad” is a judgement, and you are still caught in the web of duality. Release everything you think you know, see all things in the higher perspective, and forgive all. Truly open you heart and you will be blasted with massive upgrades to your system as your higher self is now dropping in.

The third wavers are the deep sleepers. They are playing their roles and many of them are not contracted to physically make it through the ascension process, as it is very exhausting both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We honor each and every soul’s contract and realize we don’t know anything about the totality of the divine plan. The more compassion, love, kindness, boundaries, and forgiveness you can extend to the deep sleepers, the quicker they can end their role as such. The karmic lessons are not done yet for the deep sleepers, as even though they have contracted to be mirrors, they did fail to awaken themselves. Their illusionary reality will be shattered now.

We have all been preparing for this wave to awaken, but our judgement, resentment, anger, and savior pgorammings have delayed their awakening. They are doing us a service just as we are doing them a service. As this wave wakes up they are going to be overwhelmed with guilt, shame, confusion, pain, and sadness. We must hold a true space of compassion for them, allowing them their process without trying to control it, while also embodying the pure strength and courage of truth speakers.

The first and second wavers are preparing to become the beacons of light for the deep sleepers just as the deep sleepers acted as the spark for our awakening. We are all One. We all hold divine roles, and finally we can come to a place of healing. Our job is to become true divine beings and wayshowers.

Take all information that resonates and let go of the rest. It truly does not matter what wave you are in, it only matters that you feel and accept where you are at in your journey and you love yourself more. We are all still learning ,expanding, and moving into a Completley new phase. We send all of our intentions to the ending of the karmic contract, and the beginning of the New Earth timeline.


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