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July 2022 Ascension Energies Update

By: Samantha Orthlieb


July's Keywords: Soulful abundance, Rebirth, Walk your talk, Believe

Awakened Soul,

This month there will be more cataclysmic, evolutionary energy growing in the world, so hold onto your spiritual socks! Following the great Awakening of many souls this year through eye's wide open collective events / issues, going forward we will see even greater clashes between those who wish to control, keep the status quo and disempower, and those who seek freedom, unity and justice at all cost. This will peak around the second eclipse season of the year that starts in October. The key will be for the collective consciousness to find its balance in all of this, to seek harmonious expression and find its center in equanimity, wholeness, fairness, tolerance and respect.

As an Awakened Soul you are growing in empowerment and becoming the cosmic heart! It is imperative to use this vibration wisely and altruistically. So this month you have the opportunity and choice to use any intensity of feeling to stay persistent and unwavering in your principles and your focus. Or stay stuck, depressed, unmotivated, finger pointing and uninspired. These are the two separate timelines that are available to you.

Remember that the vibration of your positive beliefs as well as living in your spiritual integrity will conquer any worldly power!

What YOU need to be aware of and focus on in July:

  1. You are embodying your full spiritual Oneness potential and integrating this into your daily life so be gentle with yourself, please continue to self care and rest when needed.

  2. No matter what distractions or noise are around you, it is imperative that you hold your overall vision and your dreams for yourself without wavering. Take action when you have inner and outer promptings. Use your third chakra willpower to create your life.

  3. Transform any anger/frustration/depression into action for your greater good without harming others in the process. Stay in your lane, don’t judge or impress your opinions on others. Instead inspire others by walking your talk! Shine your light!

  4. Know and believe that you are bringing sweetness back into your life following any losses or personal challenges you have experienced this year.

  5. Focus on learning to live from a place of empowerment versus control. See my video for more on what balanced power actually is!

  6. Do not go down any rabbit holes or be influenced by hive mentality, group think, media fear, or the latest catastrophe or divisive issues in the collective. This just serves to distract you and bleed out your life force. Negative, divisive energy begets more of the same. RISE ABOVE IT, stay true to your life vision and focus on bringing light and love into the world.

In love, authenticity and service,



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