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By: Bryan M Metoyer

Everyone and everything in your current physical reality is a match to an active frequency you are holding within and everyone is your mirror. If you embody an active frequency of anger then you will attract someone holding that same frequency. If you leave your house in the morning angry and go to the store, and leave the store wondering why the checkout person has an attitude, it’s because you BOTH have an active frequency of anger and you are mirroring one another.

If you operate from any love-based frequencies you will attract people and situations matching that of love. What you put out, you get back. That in itself is Karma. Karma is neither good or bad, right or wrong. IT JUST IS. The belief system behind Sin is a lie. It’s a false belief system to instill fear within you. There is no Sin...there’s only Karma. That’s it, because everything is energy. Our souls were created in and out of Love and the Unknown by Source/God/Prime Source Creator. Hate and evil is an illusion and is fear-based programming due to this 3D reality and the mind (EGO). Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. It’s ALL ENERGY. Love is’s the Ego that complicates it all. True reality can only be the PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW. The Ego (the mask) can highjack you by pulling you into the past (doesn’t exists) and the future (fantasy). Depression = worried about the past and Anxiety = worried about the future. Your body is susceptible to illness and disease when you are anchored in fear-based frequencies. BE PRESENT...BE LOVE..AND FOR GODS SAKE STOP WATCHING THE NEWS ALL DAY EVERYDAY. IT INSTILLS FEAR IN YOU THROUGH PROGRAMMING YOU (subconscious mind soaks in everything), especially when you attach to it. That’s why they call it PROGRAMS. Cutting the news off will allow you to be more present and it’ll assist in helping make your life much easier. I feel we all need that in these moments. ❤️✌🏽

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