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It is time!

It Is TIME!!!

It is TIME for the ILLUSION that is All around us to COLLAPSE. . . to FALL.

WE Are Seeing the SIGNS of This.

It Is TIME to CONNECT to the Christ Consciousness GRID allows us to have Freedom of HEALTH within our Bodies.

Perfect HEALTH within our Bodies. . . Because it is Connected to this GRID.

The more that WE Know that. . . the more that WE Realize that. . . the more that WE Remember that. . . the more WE will Find HEALING within our Bodies.

Because it is Connection Remembered once again will Allow for the Openings of All of the Meridians within our Bodies. . . Letting ENERGY Flow Freely through our Bodies.

WE are BEginning more and more to Activate that LIFE FORCE within our Bodies and LIFE FORCE within the Etheric Form. . . the Kundalini Energy rise once again.

The Connection to this GRID is Happening once again. . . just as in Atlantis and Lemuria and other Civilizations and. . . of course . . . other Planets and other Systems. WE have All Experienced this BEfore.

The Times that WE have come Here for to Lead the Way to BE those Pathfinders and those Wayshowers are Here NOW.

Yes. . . indeed. . . there are various EVENTS that are going to Manifest. They are in Process.

They are in Momentum Right NOW. . . and They Are Coming.

The TRUTH Shall BE Revealed.

But it is BEcause of each and every one of us that are once again Connecting to this GRID. And NOT Only Connecting to this GRID but Building this GRID.

Building it More and More. Bringing the Vibration HIGHER and HIGHER so that the GRID is Reverberating down onto the Planet and Raising the Vibration.

And of course. . . WE cannot forget of the Great EVENT that is also making its way Here. The Great SOLAR FLASH is Coming.

WE are All Preparing for That.

The Lighted Realms have been doing everything that they can to prepare our Astral. . . our Etheric. . . and our Physical Bodies to BE able to withstand the ENERGIES coming in.

Slowly at first. . . but also gaining Momentum. More and More ENERGIES coming into the planet.

More and More WE are able to take those ENERGIES in. Take that LIGHT in. . . Anchor it within our SELVES. . . and then Shoot it out from our SELVES.

Spread it to All Corners of the Planet. WE Are doing it Consciously. . . but WE Are also doing it Unconsciously.

BEcause WE Are the LIGHT. WE Are the LOVE. WE Are the TRUTH.

WE Are the I AM that I AM. The Consciousness within us.

The SOURCE Consciousness within us. The Christ Consciousness within us.

It is Remembering ITself within us.


Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Photo: Infusion Light Column - captured over Vietnam on July 2, 2022 by Nguyen

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Universal Consciousness..

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