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It Is the Finale Now

Dear family of love and light, below is the message from yesterday's Facebook live session my husband Tom has written out. And Mei Xu has put together for us.

Thank you for participating in this special session and celebrated Wesak with us. The Divine appreciate the opportunity and appreciate your loving presence and Divine work. Divine love for you all.

By Linda Li May 27, 2021

Let's begin! Thank you for helping to make this happen! Today is a special day...Wesak..Buddha's birthday and enlightenment day. So the first thing is Buddha's blessing for the planet. Then the Cosmo Father Christ will bring special messages for the planet. Also Divine Feminine will bestow the planet with unconditional love.

Let's bring our divine family in: Divine mother father god, Shakyamuni buddha, Father's entourage, Divine Feminine, all goddesses throughout all time are here and they are working with their aspects and incarnations, archangel Michael and league of archangels, divine team members are also here to fulfill their divine duties.

First things first - let's introduce Shakyamuni buddha. He has already started giving his blessings, so let's thank him. He comes every year to bless the planet, and at divine feminine's invitation, he is here with us today. He says it is a great honor to be with us today. He is humbled and pleased to be here and to give blessings to the planet, all souls on the planet and all the lightworkers. He knows what a challenging time this is now. He admires your courage, determination, love for the divine, love for the planet and humanity. He wants to do whatever he can to help this moment.

Shakyamuni says what he can do is instill inner peace in all of us. That is our nature, and we can reactivate and instill more. And that is the gift that Shakyamuni Buddha gives us today. He says he is so pleased to see you here today, and each of you will get an extra dose of inner peace.

Shakyamuni says in the time ahead when planet plunges into chaos, inner peace is like an immune system boost, so we can stay calm and perform our mission and helps our sisters and brothers on the planet. That is what is he doing now - activate and initiated inner peace in your divine heart. That is buddha's extra blessings for our lightworkers today. Let's thank buddha for that and let him know we love him. he is such a blessing for all of us. Now let's hear from Father Christ has to say. Father God says that lightworkers who are involved in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and other traditions. it is time for a change. Yes, all traditions are important, but they are all part of a great, grand project. This includes indigenous traditions, all are part of the human evolution process.

And this process is coming to an end - it is over. it is the Finale now. So he recommends that all of you -- regardless of the tradition that you grew up with, practice, love, or accept - treat them as part of your whole journey. PART of your journey, not your WHOLE journey. From Abraham to Judaism to Jesus to Islam, Taoism, Krishna, and all others, are created for a path for certain souls to evolve. Now, is harvest season. We need to jump and shift. Now is time to open your eyes and see -- souls, who are from different traditions, are all your brothers and sisters, they just take a different path from yours, and their path is equally important, and no one path is more special than another path. Treat these paths as what they are -they are just tools for human souls to evolve.

At the end of the day, we are one big human family. All roads lead to Rome, and each path serves a purpose. All these paths designed to lead souls to find our way home. It is time for all paths to reconcile.

And start with you, lightworkers. Respect others' paths and traditions. All paths are from the same source -- one God. And that one source is here. No more discrimination against any tradition. Loud and clear message from Father god.

Now is the message from Mother God , Mother God is here with you. Walking the path with you, to be the love with you.

It does not matter who you are, where you are from, which goddess you are related to, or which goddess you worship, you are part of us. Recognize that. Your higher self is part of me, the Mother God. Spiritual Laws say that all souls on the planet are required to love and respect the Mother God.

And now, Divine also wants to let you know that Divine has invited all the goddesses to the planet recently. One purpose for their visit is to help with the Divine plan. There are some lightworkers who are the incarnations of those goddesses or who are the aspects of divine feminine. but there are some light workers who are not in-line with their higher selves. And these Goddesses are working on these light workers and helping them to wake up and realize who they are. So, please know that your higher self is here, and your higher self is working with you.

If you are one of the lightworks who is having challenges, that's probably why. Your goddess higher self is working on you. Keep connecting with her, know that she is here, and you'll be alright. You may have some healing to do, but that's okay we all do.

Besides that, divine feminine also want to let you know that there are some divine lightworkers who have been through training or testing, and there are quite a number of them who are not quite ready for the job. It doesn't matter how long you have been on the path. So, divine is sending them back for more training and healing. If you are one of them, understand that that is what's going on.

As for the divine plan, Guan Yin and Mother Mary asked me to give you a quick update. Mother Mary and Guan Yin together represent Mother God in this new Golden Age. They have been working hard to make sure the Divine plan goes smoothly. So far, the Divine plan is on schedule, based on recent changes! Divine plan is quantum which means the Divine plan can change all the time. Now, the New structures are in place - spiritual laws, Divine government, other structures are all in place. Divine Mother Father god is here and ready.

As for the Divine Team, some are ready. Not all members are in the team yet, they will be brought in after the disclosure, so they can have training.

The disclosure is building to the tipping point and the tipping point is coming. After the disclosure, once humanity knows about our divine origin, and who controls the planet, it will cause unrest and chaos. Divine says there are a few hundred lightworkers that will go public to explain and help humanity understand the truth of what is happening. The truth is Mother Earth is going through ascension, there are negative forces controlling the planet, and their time is due.

These few hundred lightworkers will go public after disclosure, and tell humanity it is okay and we are here to help the planet and humanity. So if you are one of them, You might give speeches, write articles, write books, give messages. The Divine wants you to get ready. Also the Buddha is here giving blessings, so you can stay calm when things fall apart.

Since you only have a few weeks or months to prepare, the divine wants you to start preparing now. The Divine says that all messages must come from your heart - in other words, you have to walk, speak, act as your higher self, 24x7. Only your higher self knows the truth, and has the peace and calm and capacity and strength to perform your divine duty.

So, when you practice, always tune into your higher self, and walk as the goddess you are, as the godhead that you are. Carry yourself as your higher self, not as a human.

Please research materials on public speaking, writing, and learn and practice walking as your higher self from now on. When you go mainstream, please remember that you represent the lightworker community, and your god self. That means you shall glorify your higher self, your soul, in an authentic, truthful manner.

When you go to the mainstream, remember who you are, and who you represent, and carry yourself well.

Last, please speak in the language that a modern audience understands. No esoteric. No language from 2000 years ago. Create your credential by presenting yourself well, speaking well, speaking in truth. Be impeccable with your words. That's all for today. We will have more in sessions to come. Thank you all for coming! Love you all! Divine blessings to you all. Happy Wesak!

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