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Humanity's Dysfunction

Firstly, it is important to innerstand that we are all made up of energy. We are spirit in a human vessel, having a human experience. The human vessel is made up of both feminine and masculine energy. For a female it’s 51% feminine and 49% masculine. For a male it’s 51% masculine and 49% feminine.

For a long time, our energies have been misused, which has created unbalance and dysfunction amongst us all.

During our life, we attract beings into our lives because they are a mirror for us to learn from, for soul growth and to achieve balanced harmonics within ourselves, rather than depending on another being to provide that for us.

The first mirrors you encounter are your immediate family. When you are unaware of the energies at play, you may feel as if you are in a tug of war of sorts, fighting for attention, needing validation, feeling sad, whatever it may be, these relationships teach us to be our own source of energy, to fill our own cup, turn within.

The main dysfunction in humanity is with the Sacral Chakra, which is our divine creativity, our life force. This is a very powerful energy and when used as intended, creates magical manifestations. It is important to honor our bodies, trust how we FEEL and set boundaries for ourselves so that we stop taking from others and balance our own energetics.

~ Janna Floyd

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