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HUGE PLASMA WAVE coming in overnight.

By: Ramona Lappin

In case you're wondering what hit you, we had another HUGE PLASMA WAVE coming in overnight.

Another increase of inter-dimensional Tri-wave, New Crystalline Grid currents and higher frequency Cosmic light codes assisting the re-encryption and Total Reset of the Timelines/ Realities & Blueprints supported by the Blue Ray and Mother Arc. The Net dissolves..

You may feel extreme tiredness, hot & cold, nausea, dizziness, feeling extra hungry, body aches and pains, Activations of the crown and third eye/ pineal and pituitary etc. Looks like a day best spend in bed day.

The grand and final purification continues, detox symptoms may be experienced. Your body knows what it requires to assist this Sacred Transformation, keep listening and keep nurturing your direct inner Connection to your own Higher Self Identities and God Source. This si what all of this is truly about!