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Hello Divine Energies

Hello Overwhelment

What is this new feeling

Of Softness flooding in?

Where shall I turn next

To distract myself,

And help another being

Other than Myself?

Divine Embodiment

Is what I hear the Angels are saying


Well, Hello there

I go outside and head for

The Forest Whom have held space for me

Since we Arrived.

The Trees In their Unity of

Stillness and Silence

Angel Beings of Love and Compassion

Communicating with Me

Through My Heart

Yes, They Are Saying

It Is Here

Love Frequencies Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

A Flood Of Tears

And a Soft Cry escapes my mouth

Of Humbled Gratitude


I ask for the Trees’ Guidance

To Assist In Embodying

The Gentleness and Grace of Divine Feminine Energies

Yes I Accept, Embrace and Allow

For I am Worthy Of All Love Is


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