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A Poem ~ Mother Gaia's Call

Nature Beckons The Frogs in the Lilly Pond Calling Each Other To The Rhythm Of Her Divine Heart Can You Feel Her? The Loud Cicadas Castanetting In Blended Symphony Can You Hear Her?

The Early Morning Rain Softly Pitter Pattering On The hard concrete ground Drumming To The Beat Of Her Eternal Essence Can You Recognise Her?

In Tune With The Healing Sounds Of Dawn Two Squirrel Lovers Scuttle Up The Trunk Of A Nearby Tree Playing Chase Can You See Her?

The Rising Sun Blanketed By Overcast Clouds Gently Lightening The Contrast Of The Trees’ Silhouette Against The Hue Of A Pink Sky Can You Receive The Magnificence Of Her Joyful Love?


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