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Heaven’s Landing: The Great Awakening

By: Lauren C. Gorgo


We just recently moved thru the last 222 portal on 2-22-2022 which officially closed the numeric (Aquarian) stargates of February. It has been an absurdly active month on the inner planes in which the Cosmic Mother (unified LOVE) frequency has been building and building to a crescendo point, which….upon the 222222 numeric sequence/closing gate…resulted in The Divine Feminine Christ collective officially flipping into their rightful place & position as the (Aquarian Age) Leaders of the New Earth.

Together, we achieved this…as LOVE. Each of us in our own way, doing our individual part to LOVE ourselves back together again, to reclaim & reconstitute the Cosmic Christess which has lifted the planetary consciousness high enough to shift our world into a whole new paradigm. This means that those (warriors) of the first wave are now free to ascend beyond the (Piscean Age) paradigm of victimization (persecution/crucifixion)…to evolve out of duality and to nullify all karmic contracts binding us to our first life missions. Our separation agreement is fulfilled and the burdens of the cross are no longer ours to bear.

As a result, the veil that shrouded us against our full Truth is dissolving to reveal our Cosmic Self as the cloak of our lower human identity is replaced with our Celestial Robe of Honor. With this comes the Key to the Kingdom, the activation of our new system software which grants us access to the worlds within worlds. A side effect to returning to the Cosmic Egg…and regaining our rank & standing in our Soul’s Army…is that there is suddenly SO much Life Force available which is both exciting & illuminating…but can also be overstimulating & taxing on the nervous system. Luckily we have all of Pisces to float a little…to integrate…to open to our divine blueprint and allow the Cosmic Mother to create the space in our bodies & lives for the next major wave of birthing to come in Aries, via resurrection season.

In the meantime, as the emergence of Aquarian Leadership takes hold, our newly healed & empowered Hearts are readying to burst open and be of LOVEing Service to this world. No longer from a wounded place, but from a place of completeness, of divine union…of honoring ourselves as unique individuals that are also part of the whole. As we return to our sovereign & Self-governing state…no longer seeking outside of Self…we finally feel ready to value the expression of our own LOVE⇾ our own gifts, contributions & creations as integral aspects of the entire Divine Plan.

This Self-Sourced power is changing everything. As we birth the last/physical layer of Heaven on Earth thru our bodies and step into our new (galactic-level) missions, we are growing more surefooted by day. The Cosmic Codes…now prevalent in the very air we breathe…are making it possible for starborns to (fully) root our Tree of Life into this planet, to anchor into this realm, because our (star) DNA recognizes this energy of Home.

The result is that we finally feel more grounded in our bodies, notably more stable, safe & secure in the toroidal field of our Hearts. With Venus now wrapping up her shadow journey (3/1), we are able to harness so much more of our Divine Feminine authority…power that wasn’t possible in the past but can now be directed toward the creation of our mission & lives. For the last 4 years…since the 2017 Lion’s Gate when the Emerald Heart Gateway was opened/expanded to allow an abundant flow of Divine Feminine energy forth…LOVE-workers around the world have succeeded at SO much masculine & feminine heart-healing to make this Edenistic Age of (Feminine) Christ a real reality.

This further means that the Feminine/Magdalene path to ascension & embodiment is now open & available to all who make the soul choice (and changes) to align with it. For that, and for all of you (in the cave) holding space behind the scenes…those who silently & anonymously walked with Mother GOD (thru the depths of hell) to privately & painstakingly pave the way for Her return…a shout out for your tremendous tenacity, strength, and sticktoitiveness.

We couldn’t have accomplished this impossible task without each other and I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you who said YES. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being beautiful, for being fearless, and if not…for being courageous. I am unsure anyone other than those who walked this path could truly know/understand what it took to arrive here, but…if for nothing else…I acknowledge & honor every selfless sacrifice you’ve made to forego your human life for a real chance at physicalizing a divine life. Against ALL odds, that renunciation has unequivocally paid off.

Original Article Here. All credit goes to the author.


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