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Heart Ethics

The condition for the true advancement of society is the sincere expression of its truth. Especially in these times when censorship has become a weapon against the truth, the truth is the anti-weapon against lies and corruption.

That’s right, anyone who listens to their heart and expresses themselves bravely helps to create a new world of peace and love. Much remains to be revealed, which has been hidden for a very long time under the veil of the unconscious. Here at this point of the apocalypse, which means revelation, humanity will need tremendous forgiveness. First and foremost to ourselves, to everything we have done in unconsciousness, and to all those who have abused our power. That's right, our power. Because we have given it up and allowed others to rule our lives.

Now is the time to set boundaries and allow only what is for our highest good. Now is the time to begin to realize our power as a people. We the people are the country. The country is the relationship between people. The country will change when people’s habits and people’s functioning within heart ethics change.

As long as people are still arguing with each other about anything, the authorities are shaking hands, as it is easier to manipulate and mislead people who are in conflict. "Authorities are also fiction in the minds of people who have given up their power and allowed others to rule over their lives."

Andrej Majer


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