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Greetings Dear Ones, we are the Pleiadian Counsel.

We come to you today with an energetic update.

As we scan the field of your collective consciousness we would like to ask you to release the fears many of you have surrounding upon, your abilities seemingly gone dormant. The abilities that seemingly went dormant are now currently coming back online stronger then ever. It was necessary for your abilities to go dormant for a length of time due to the adjustments being made to your physical vessel. Your awareness needed to be shifted into your 5 human senses to create a powerful grounding mechanism that will be able to sustain such increases taking place within your cosmic energetics at this point in your time.

When you settle deeper states of grounding into your human vessel you will notice your 5 senses will be incredibly increased. The increase is so powerful it opens all your channels without the previous filters many of you had. As this new awareness comes in, many of you will notice your formal meditations and rituals are not as necessary as they use to be. As now you are becoming so intuned, aware and grounded you become an active meditation in constant flow of creational energy that places you into alignment with synchronistic manifestations.

To the Healers, the Seers, the Empaths, the Intuitives and all of our Sacred Starseeded Entities...We like to ask you now to take on a task that was once before seemingly impossible to you. We anticipate the moments to come where all that seemed impossible opens you up to your magnificents. We thank you for being here on this planet at this point in human evolution. We support and honor you as we celebrate your quantum enlightened alignment. You are the manifestation of the creative source. We thank you for this opportunity to connect with you at this time. -Pleiadian Counsel

-Channeled by, Parallel Brittnie

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