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Great Friends Of The Light!

LAKA Great Friends Of The Light! We Embrace You With Love As The Light Expands And Touches Those That Search!  For In One Moment, Their Search Will End, As The Sky Opens With Light To Cover All! The Only Difference In Your Perception Now And The Truth Of What Will Be, Lies In The Limitation You Place Upon Yourself. For You Are Unlimited Beings Of Infinite Power And As You Allow Your Perceptions To Shift A Little More Toward The Light, You Just Might See Everything That Has Always Been There Waiting For You! When You Arrived, You Could See! You Understood. You Had Not Forgotten Yet. But As An Infant, You Had No Language Or Frame Of Reference As A Fairy Danced Before You Or You Had An Angelic Visitation. These Were Natural And Familiar. As An Infant You Smiled And Looked Past Your Mother As The Being Waved And Smiled. But You Had Agreed To Forget. You Entered The Matrix Of Deception Where You Were Programmed For The Next Seven To Ten Years To Believe What You Were Told. As You Became Adults, You Knew Something Was Off. You Never Really Felt You Belonged Here But You Had No Answers. You Began To Hear A Word Called 'Awakening' And This Sounded Reasonable. But What Did It Really Mean To You With No Visions, No Crafts, No Information Of Your Origin. It Was Exhausting. You Remember This Now. You Longed For More. But More Of What? Beloved Friends! This Is Your Time! These Are Your Moments To Allow The Ego To Drop. To Find Your Soul In Silence. To Align With This Sacred Essence As You Truly Become Love And You Remember You Are Light! Your Home Is Faraway If You Look Up At The Stars That Shine. How Do You Get Home? You Awaken Within As You Connect With Your Higher Self. You Find Yourself In The Expanded Consciousness That Is Always Part Of You. It Is The Part You Agreed To Forget For A Few Moments Of A Waking Dream. You Wanted The Experience Of Duality To Learn And Understand. To Go Home With Joy In Knowing All You Accomplished With The Love And Light Within! Beloved Ones! As You Continue To Look Up, Remember You Are The Light! Together We Are One! EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So! LAKA


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