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God = Truth = Love = You

You are here now as part of God, the part of god's creation that is bringing a change to reality.

You are now ready to fully wake up and surrender to what is in charge: TRUTH and LOVE.

To activate who you truly are as one aspect of God = LOVE = TRUTH and you come from the most divine source, from the origin of pure wholeness and oneness, a miracle and wonder of creation!

That is you, human angel. God is ready to change the world THROUGH YOU. So are you ready to receive all fragments of your soul, all divine will back. It is time NOW, as the divine prime source has laid all energies within the New Earth Grid and activated the unified lightfield on planet Earth=Heart. When you choose to simply not obey anymore to the illusionary ruling system of fear, not in frustration or anger or avoidance, but by transcending every aspect of lower energy entanglement within you, you let go of the old you and fall into the grid of light safely.

By choosing divine perception, over opinionated perspective.

By choosing to be WITH YOURSELF, to feel and get to know the infinite spark of light you truly are.

By choosing to feel everything just as is, HEAL from within and SHARE who you truly are.

With no need to fix something, with no judgment and no expectation.

By choosing LOVE above all, starting with you.

Have a look in the mirror and reheart these Words = God = Truth = LOVE

Relax, child.

It is OK.

Feel me all around you,

I AM DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE Breathe in, pure atoms of my Love and our Oneness, with all. Breath in the balance, harmony and healing around you.

Breathe out, allow your breath, to be Love = Gratitude = God = Creation in Love.

You are COcreator and you are brilliant and magnificent in your divinity.

You are here on this planet, to represent GOD = LOVE = TRUTH.

It is time now. You can feel safe, wherever you are, ALL darkness is gone. Illuminated, transmuted by the incoming energies of heaven.

Relax, my child. Feel, to heal the pain. Your are experiencing the deepest Release of the old energies, within you. Don't avoid the process, but allow it to bring you true healing and freedom..

You already won. Love already won=one! Stand up Warrior, in the grace of love.

Shine your light, of forgiveness and bring forth the TRUTH YOU ARE AS GOD with God.

So that the energies can manifest through your BEing, into heaven on Earth!

Wake up, Human Angel.

The Dream is over!

Wake up human angel.

It's time to play and create!

By Kat

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