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Galactic Fleet Command - Expansion

Greetings dear ones! We are very happy to be back with you, as we bring you a message that may be something new for you.

The new message is that the Galactic Fleet Command has greatly expanded to the seven patrol ships that we have had in the past.

We now have many more from other planets and galaxies that have joined us in these final days of the Ascension process… both spacecraft and personnel!

Your skies are now literally filled with our spaceship! All of this adds up to the Ashtar Command fleet, which has been around for eons of time.

An interesting aspect of this expansion is the incorporation of many humans who have left planet Earth to be part of our patrol efforts.

Many of them were living lives of great struggle and sacrifice, so they were given the opportunity to join forces with us in a more positive way.

Since they themselves have experienced such a difficult way of life, they have now chosen to help their earthly brothers and sisters by working with us from the higher realms. We are deeply honored that you have made this decision, and we have welcomed you with the utmost joy and love! These new members of our fleet are of great benefit to us, as they can bring first-hand knowledge of what you on the planet are really experiencing ...

A perspective that can only come from experience itself. The painful memories of what they had experienced before leaving the planet were enhanced by healing guidance before they joined us.

But naturally there will be an empathic connection of pain that will revive in them as they begin their work with you on the ground.

We hope you realize the sacrifice they are making for you with such loving intention.

They could have chosen to go to a more pleasant planet than the current one, or even 5D planet Earth itself, but they chose to stay to help bring the final victory of Ascension to Mother Gaia and Humanity from her.

This is the message we were eager to bring you, so that you too will rejoice with us dear ones.

We are so proud of you, who have so bravely chosen to adopt human form at this time ... whether working among the ground forces or in the air!

If you have the privilege of living a life that is not one of extreme hardship or suffering (viewed from a 5D perspective, of course), we want you to know how much your efforts as ground crew members are needed and appreciated.

We could not carry out the necessary work in the air without the effort and support of those of you on the ground. Please know this!

We always keep you in the Love and Light of the Cosmic Christ, and we send you all the love, light and joy that we are capable of sending!

Blessings dear ones.


Era of Light

Author unknown.( Please email us if you know them so we can give proper credit:))


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