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Galactic Federation of Light update- November 2021

On behalf of the Galactic Federation, I am delighted to announce that the collective consciousness of humanity is growing stronger by the day, guided by divine love.

Human beings are changing. More and more people are experiencing an acceleration of consciousness, often referred to as awakening.

Human beings will now be able to have more of a peaceful experience of being human because of the increased vibrations of higher love vibrations.

It is from these higher vibration levels of consciousness that humans will be able to live infinitely happier lives of joy and bliss without feeling lonely or unloved.

These new vibrations affect everything from people's individual thoughts of peace, love, and happiness to their experience of being human on planet Earth.

People will feel a larger capacity to love all life forms with no judgment. The experience will be a lot more peaceful and harmonious for the environment and society as a whole.

This is great news for humanity as it also allows for easier spiritual growth and evolution towards the 5th dimension.

Due to this, each one of us can now definitely feel the changes that are now taking place all across the planet.

Though it may seem like most of the world is still stuck in old paradigms and ways of thinking, the truth is that more and more humans realize that they are indeed spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

A new day is dawning, and a new paradigm is being born.

What will your role be in ushering in the Golden Age? This choice belongs to every individual. The thoughts of all those who live on Earth will shape the planet's future.

There are many who feel sorrow and depression over what has been on Earth for thousands of years and which is now coming to an end.

Light, love, and consciousness are the only solutions to humanity's problems.

Some of us have understood the process, have decided to stand for truth, and have chosen to work with the Light in order to bring in the new creation.

Fueling animosity among mankind, the dark forces cunningly use their tools, manipulating us into conflict among ourselves with the aim of creating the most negative energy possible.

The dark ones know that their time is almost up; they can no longer pretend that things are going well when in fact, the Light has won and with it an end to the old programming, which, although it will take a short time to totally change to higher and brighter programming, which is irreversible.

There are many creatures fleeing the planet, and some are being relocated to be rehabilitated on other planets.

It is with great love that I now speak for the Galactic Federation, which told me the Light had won the battle on your planet. The programming that you have been exposed to thus far has come to an end, at least for the time being, so that you can continue your journey without being distracted.

Many are now feeling peace and feelings of joy, which continue to radiate around the globe.

The Light has won. The war is at an end.

The presence of dark energies has been greatly reduced, although a little work still needs to be done before the planet can give birth to its true self; darkness cannot prevail where there is Light.

These days, we're living in a time of increasing enlightenment and peace. The Light can always use your help to spread its message of joy, love, compassion, and unity!

The world has changed greatly in the past few days. Great amounts of incoming energy are affecting every molecule on the planet.

Mother Earth has truly given so much to humans, but humans have never considered her needs or what future generations will have to live on. What is happening now will be challenging for many people, but if they understand that change is necessary, they will begin the process of understanding the necessity of this transformation and also understand that they can be part of nature through love and compassion.

The human species as a whole is now ready for this change.

We live in a world of continuous change and, within a short span of time, the New Earth and the Fifth Dimensional World will be in full swing. True transformation can only come when most of humanity's consciousness has been raised to a level where unity can be established.

We are in an exciting time where the possibility of bringing together the brightest from all over the world is awakening from their deep slumber.

Do you know how many lightworkers are there on Earth? The number of lightworkers is much greater than the number of people who are active in politics, religions, or celebrities. Just think about it for a moment. The reason lies in the fact that this profession does not carry any kind of status or publicity.

Nonetheless, it is among them that many tasks that will lead to humanity's ascension are carried out. Thanks to them, thousands of people around the world have learned things about themselves and our planet thanks to these people. They help us to regain trust in ourselves and become more aware of ourselves and what we do. And this is something very important if we want to ascend.

The great changes that are taking place on the Earth and in humanity are starting to manifest themselves. From deep within each one of you, much love is coming forth. This will be the fuel that will help you move forward during this transformation of humanity.

Your bases on Earth are being strengthened with each passing day. You are on the right path to becoming more powerful in many ways.

We have mentioned the same thing before, so it is not unexpected, yet who knows what you can achieve with dedication and hard work?

We will do that, take our part, and, as best as we can, be compassionate and loving to all beings and help make the Earth a better place both for living and healing.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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