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Friends Of Earth!

As I Speak To You In Sacred Light, I Ask You This Question. Who Are These Messages Communicated To? Why Are The Words Important? What Is The Intention?

These Words Are For Every Being On Earth! These Messages Are Important In Raising The Vibrational Frequency Of The Planet, One By One. And To The Masses To Spread To Even More People. The Intention Is Never To Make One Feel Less Than, But To Assist You In Remembering The Value Of All Life And The Teaching Of The Great Awakening Of Humanity. To Give You Hope When You Feel Circumstances Are Looking Grim. To Teach You To Change Your Perspective And Choices And Watch The Light Fill Your Life With Great Joy!

Once You Begin To Grasp The Power Of Making Higher Choices, You Initiate A True Understanding Of The Potential In Variables That Will Present Themselves To You. And You Recognize The Treasure That Awaits You In Experiences You May Once Never Have Considered. Once A Higher Choice Is Made, The Experience Will Create The Optimum Result For All Concerned. Choose To Be Consciously Aware Of The Choices You Make And Know That Each Choice Is Energetically Changing The Outcome For You. Be Wise. Be Alert. You Have Everything Within To Follow The Path Of Light!

The Greater The Vibrational Frequency, The More You Will Discover Your True Self! Discover The Light That You Truly Are Each Moment! Show Another Their Light And It Will Magnify Your Own.

Everything Is Changing Infinitely! Make Your Choices To Be The Greatest Change Possible!

The Celebration Of Humanity Will Be Grand! SHEEN Is Complete. You Are Complete! We Are Here To Remind You To Open Your Heart And Know This!


I Love You So!



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