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Friday the 13th

Happy Friday 13th!

But wait, ain’t this a day of bad luck? But why should we be scared? Maybe because they wanted to hide something? To stop us from stepping into our power and keep us in fear?

Actually Friday the 13th was once known as the most powerful day for women. But then it was turned into something to be scared of.

Friday is named after Freya the Goddess of love and fertility, also representing a strong woman with free will. Known as the Greek Goddess Venus, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine energy.

The number 13 has been connected to the Divine Feminine, it’s a Venus number carrying Divine unconditional love energy. There are 13 moons in one year. Women usually have 13 menses and if they are in harmony with the moon they are perfectly aligned with new moon and full moon.

The moon itself also stands for the feminine energy, the emotions, for birth, transformation and rebirth.

Friday and 13, combined is creating a portal for powerful Divine Feminine energy.

Of course the patriarch didnt want a day dedicated to this. So they programmed people into believing it’s a day of bad luck, bad energy and something to be scared of, to keep them in a low vibration of fear. A day that can only get worse by seeing a black cat crossing the street. But what does the black cat even stand for? Maybe again for raw feminine powers? For a lived female sexuality? Black for power, for the night, also for the female receptive energy. So again, we should be scared of something that actually represents female power? It’s more than time to take this power back and stop the fear mongering.

In ancient times this day was celebrated and used for powerful rituals, manifestation work and magic. It was a day dedicated to the Goddess. So lets make the best of this day.

Do something to honor the Goddess in you and take back your power.

Happy magical powerful Friday 13th beautiful souls.

Much love.



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