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Flying Around Like Superman

My first Spiritual experience manifested back in 2012. I was living in Lakewood, Washington. I it happened some time before or after the 2011->2021 New Years Day. I was doing a guided meditation for Astral Projection that I had found on YouTube. I was laying flat on my back, arms out at a 45° angle, no metal on my body, with a Green Adventurine Obelisk Crystal on my forehead directly over my 3rd Eye. I did the breathing, relaxed from head to toe, and found the AP door in my mind and proceeded to go through it. I began to vibrate and slowly left my body after a couple of tugs trying to release my astral form from my physical form. Reason being that I was out of my body except for my left hand and shoulder. I rose, saw my body and my room mate who was in my the room with me incase anything weird started to happen. I then soared into the sky, full conscious and aware that I was in an astral form. Once I was above the cloud line I stopped to look at myself.

It was as if my entire body was made up of a golden, flowing, liquid, energy. Flowing down from my head and back in through each individual extremity, i.e. tips of fingers and middle of the soles of my feet, I didn't have any toes, and I thought that was weird but didn't want to dwell on it. So I'm flying around doing my Superman thing for awhile, when all of a sudden a large black hand grabs what would be my left bicep, and then a voice, that wasn't a voice says, "You need to come with me." Now this voice was only in my head, but I could hear it like when I talk to myself in my head and I can hear my voice but with my mind instead of my ears. And I heard the voice of whatever was grabbing my arm. And then like that, I'm being pulled by the arm through space, possibly into another dimension, (I honestly have no idea). But what I saw while moving through space, I can only describe like when they show the characters from Stargate going through the Stargate, that cinematic of their travel, combined with what Lightspeed looks like in Starwars, yet at the same time I could see every star system we passed and even zoom in to look at planetary view, like what the pictures we have of the planets in our solar system look.

Then it all of a sudden gets burry and we land in this area that is in the shape of a half circle with these large stone archways lining the rounded side of the half circle, and the flat side of the half circle was a cliff. In the middle of this cliff was a narrow passage way, as if the cliff had been split in two. I looked around and the presence that brought me would only be visible in my peripheral vision but always to my left, as if leaning against a wall. Other beings were also coming through these archways, and they were all going down the passage. I decided to explore this new place. I go down the passage way and it opens up into this beautiful garden. With systematically placed firepits. Each firepit had quarter circle solid stone benches.

There were pathways going in between and connecting each firepit to the others. The place was teeming with beings of both astral and non-astral. Non astral beings of all shapes and colors. Then this particular being walks up to me. Imagine if you will an being of roughly 8-9 ft fall. (based on the assumption that my astral form is the same height as my physical form) with 4 long slider arms with hands that seemed way to big for such a slinder body. Two legs with toeless feet. The head was a reasonable size for the body except the mouth that appeared to have normal humanish lips but the mouth was twice the size of the head. With eyebrows that sort of became its hair. The body color was a silvery color that sort of glistened in the light.

The weirdest part of all was, what I can only assume was a digestive system which was clearly visible from my perspective, but only because it glowed from inside through its skin/fur. It had large welcoming eyes. This being also spoke into my mind but also with its mouth at the same time. Only the mouth didn't match what I was hearing. He said, "Welcome traveler, I am The Greeter of The Grove." And embraced me with all four arms, to where the top two arms went over my shoulders, and the bottom two arms went under my arms, and all met in the middle of my back. The only other being I distinctly remember was what appeared to be a rabbit wearing a turtle shell and got irritated when I would stare and said something along the lines of "What? You never seen a rabbit with a shell before?" They would ask me questions like what's my name, where I'm from, had I ever been here before, etc. I told them my legal name, the Greeter said, "No, what's your true name?" I felt a distinct urge to not give them my true name. I don't know why but I just felt as though that should not be something a being asks another being, you have to earn the trust first. Then in the middle of the Q&A session, I hear the guided meditation bringing me back.

I didn't want to go, but at the same time, I couldn't stop it. I wanted to stay, and asked how to find that place again, and the Greeter said that I should ask someone named Daniel Bottfield, because he goes there all the time, and is also from Earth. My field of vision goes blurry/misty and I'm back in my room on my bed. I sit up so fast that I startle my room mate and I say to him "Who the fuck is Daniel Bottfield!? I have to find Daniel Bottfield!" I the sketched the Greeter on a piece of notebook paper, that I have since lost. And to this day I have not been able to locate anyone by that name that will respond to my questions about "The Grove" nor can I locate said sketch anymore either.

~ Orgoth


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