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**5DFD Note: We do NOT support the energies of Lucifer, however, this is an interesting perspective into the Light of Lucifer, as the true essence works for Source**

Channeled by Marta

Greetings, my dear brave souls!

Here has arrived the last stage of your struggle with the Dark Forces.

As you see, everything has reached the point of absurdity when even most patient and law-abiding of you cannot keep silent any longer or dutifully follow the humiliating demands of the criminals at the helm.

As a matter of fact, everything that is going on is by far not accidental.

For everything to come to light – both bad and good – a lot of efforts were made by the Light Forces and by the Dark Forces, too.

And now I would like to facilitate to some extent your insight into these invisible processes that create the web of events at the subtle level of your planet before everything becomes conspicuous at the physical level.