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February Message: Unity, Balance and a Turning Point

By: Dana Mrkich


gazing stars in milky way

February is drenched with the energy of unity and the natural law of balance: there must be day after night, there is no cold without hot, deep division triggers deep yearning for connection, mass deception reaches a tipping point from which truth is catapulted like a global cannon-ball.

Isn’t it interesting that we are taught there is an opposite – and thus a balance – to all things. Yet there are some things that we are told are ‘just how things are’.

Humanity is led by corrupt politicians and governments.

That’s just how things are.

We’ll never find out the truth about what’s really going on behind the curtains of the world.

That’s just how things are.

From an evolutionary perspective this makes no sense, and from a natural law of balance perspective it makes no sense. For every up there is a down. For every left there is a right. The Wheel of Life is always turning and moving. It moves in little cycles throughout the day – from dawn to dusk and back again. It moves in cycles throughout the year – from spring to summer, then autumn and winter, and back to spring again. Likewise, humanity lives through cycles of darkness, and cycles of enlightenment. From the Golden Age through the Ages of Silver and Bronze, to the Iron Age and back again, into a higher and deeper Golden Age, or perhaps into something new entirely.

We are now living through the ‘endgame’ of the latest cycle. Not to be too dramatic but we can call it a cycle of darkness, darkness in the context that so much has been hidden from humanity; from the truth of our true origins and potential, to our true history, to inventions that would propel us forward and make life easier for everyone on the planet, to events and secret programs that have been called ‘conspiracies’, to the reality of what goes on behind the scenes of our global power-players.

It is time now for that which was hidden to be revealed: and that is the true meaning of the so-called Apocalypse.

Apocalypse, from the Ancient Greek Apokálypsis, meaning revelation,

unveiling, to take off the cover, disclosure of great knowledge.

“An apocalypse is a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities.”

- Bart D Ehrman

'For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed,

and nothing concealed that will not be brought to light: Mark 4:22'

It isn’t a flash in the sky or an emergency broadcast system playing hours of ‘here is the truth” that February brings. It is grassroots, feet on the ground, everyday, ordinary people who are standing up, standing together, saying “Enough is enough.” It is the people who are asking for the curtain to be pulled back. It is the people who have already pulled it back far enough for most to see more than they ever wanted to know. It is the people who are running along that wheel, and all the while the elites perhaps saw us as nothing more than mice on a wheel, we just keep running and running toward…the light, toward truth, toward freedom, toward hope, toward whatever our heart and soul said ‘this way!”

We ran and ran, and slowly that wheel started to turn. It has felt ever so slow, but now it is gaining momentum, and there is no stopping it now. From unexpected quarters, the cavalry is coming. Truckers and truckies, mums and dads, grandparents, nurses, teachers, paramedics, pilots, young, old, all races, all cultures, all religions, all ages. Together we are turning that wheel because it is time for a set change on the world stage. And people know it, deep within. Some of you have known this time was coming forever. Others are running with excitement, not exactly sure how they got here but knowing this is exactly what they need to be doing right now. What a time to be alive!

This is so much bigger than the topic of the last 2 years. That was the catalyst, but the catalyst serves a bigger purpose: the great awakening of humanity, the entering of our new cycle, the creation of a very different new reality. Freedom, truth, love and unity are the foundation stones of this new heart and soul-centred world cycle. We still have 2022 to get through in the 3 year cycle these energy reports have referred to often, but as mentioned in the January report, 2022 has a very different feel to 2020 and 2021. People’s desire for freedom, truth and unity is gaining momentum, and that needed to happen. This desire has to awaken and come from within for every one of us.

So what does February have in store? It is all about balance and unity.

On 29 Jan, Venus went direct. Venus is the planet of love, including self-love and self-care, harmony and beauty. We are entering this year with a very strong sense of what is truly important to us when it comes to love, self-nurturing, relationships and balance in our lives. The past couple of years have really made us take stock to realise what we truly appreciate (it’s much easier to notice what we appreciate when we can no longer do certain things), and perhaps what we were in a habit of doing but didn’t really miss once we stopped.

You may have realised that you quite enjoy a quieter, slower pace of life without having to be somewhere, doing something, all the time. Or, you may have decided that once "allowed out" again, you will live life to the full. As frustrating as the last couple of years have been on multiple levels, and as much as they have turned so many lives upside down, they have also created balance in areas of our lives where we most needed it.

On 1 Feb, we had the New Moon in Aquarius, starting the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger. You can read more about the Year of the Water Tiger here.

Aquarius is the sign that rules freedom, humanity and community working together. It is very apt that this month we have huge Freedom Convoys happening all over the world. They started in Canada, spread to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and other countries. Freedom rallies have been building and growing in cities and towns all over the globe over the past year or so. Now the people in all those cities and towns in each country are coming together, all heading toward their respective nation's capitals: Ottawa, Canada; Canberra, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand and others. This is particularly powerful for countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand where people are usually fairly easygoing and not typically out there marching the streets en masse. If we are, then you know that a line has really, well and truly, been crossed.

On Feb 2 we had that auspicious date, 2/2/22. All these 2’s are like the light of a Lighthouse, beaming across the world, sending the vibe to connect, unite and come together harmoniously.

On 4 Feb Mercury went direct. With the Chinese New Year, Venus and Mercury going direct, February is the month where the New Year energy really starts to get going. So, if your January was a little slow or you spent time in holiday-mode it’s not too late (and never too late) to write your 2022 goals lists, get that vision board happening, and embark on new health/fitness/creative plans.

From 8 Feb we have Venus and Mars travelling together only 2 degrees apart, and coming exactly together on 14 Feb, Valentines’ Day, at 14 degrees of Capricorn. I’m not big on the commercialisation of this day, or the pressure people feel to have a significant other or get flowers from the person they dated last week, just because it’s Valentine’s Day. That said, it’s quite the synchronicity that Venus and Mars are together on the one day of the year when red roses and heart-shaped chocolates are everywhere you turn. Use this day to send some love to yourself, the world and those around you. Treat yourself to a heart-shaped chocolate, buy yourself some flowers or do something nice for yourself, as well as giving to those you love.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars will continue for the rest of Februrary, amplifying the energies of unity, love, balance and harmony. It can be seen from a wider perspective as a time to be reminded of the need for balance, masculine and feminine energy working together harmoniously, leaders working together with the people for the people. A new kind of leadership is now required, and those who aren't able to offer that will get left behind as the wave of readiness for it, need for it, and demand for it grows.

We all have feminine and masculine energy within us, regardless of sex or gender. We are seeing this unified energy within the Freedom Convoys – the protective masculine and heart-centred feminine, the heart-centred masculine and protective feminine, showing up within millions of people. These energies have been very much out of balance, and unfortunately it is the out of balance version of these energies that many of our political leaders and systems are holding. This is why they are currently in the process of collapse and ‘apocalypse revealing’ of their true colours. They haven’t had the best interests of the people at heart. The energy of the new cycle can no longer hold that which is out of balance.

This month heralds a significant turning point for ‘we the people’ taking hold of the wheel, righting the wheel, and starting to steer it in a direction that is much more in alignment with the highest good of all.

Later in Feb we have 22/02/2022 which is a palindrome: it reads the same backwards and forwards. This is also the date that the US has its Pluto Return, where Pluto is on the same degree it was the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. Spiritually, palindromes mean ‘to go back to the beginning’ or ‘you have to go back to go forward.’ I mean, can you believe the timing of this! Palindromes also visually represent symmetry and balance – can we get more signs that February is urging us all toward these qualities, on both outer and inner levels.

While no-one can truly predict how this is all going to unfold, it is clear that we are finally in the times we have been waiting for. February 2022 marks a significant turning of the tide, as together we all do our bit to turn this giant wheel.

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2022

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