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Exploring the Wilderness of your Discomfort

By: Sarah Blondin

This 11/11 portal has hit us with much intensity, bringing up a lot of emotion and purging. It can feel very scary and we want to scream and run. However the power is in the facing of what is coming up, that we would prefer to deny, push away and run from. There is no more hiding from our shadows, they are looking for love, acceptance, forgiveness, embracing, recognizing each time they appear and letting go without judgement and attachment.

I listened to this and typed it out so I could share as it so deeply resonated with me and what I have experienced the last couple days in this portal ....

Exploring the Wilderness of your Discomfort

I’d like you to take a moment to consider all of the places or circumstances that you escape, that you flee into daydream or fantasy in order to not exist in the present moment with what you are feeling so uncomfortable with.