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By: Ramona Lappin

WOW the sun keeps popping!! We just had an M-class Solar flare! These last two flares are powerful long duration Earth facing CME's, this is no joke! What I'm getting is that we're in the middle of major solar event, we have a c-class BASELINE and it looks like a never ending solar flare is ongoing! We also have geomagnetic storms and the Schumann Resonance levels spiking! Not for the faint or weak of Heart, literally speaking! Powerful energies supporting our Ascension and to manifest our dreams so create wisely as the energies continue to build! Soak up these codes in the sun, they carry powerful Healing Frequencies and Upgrades for your vessel. The sun also helps with the clearings such as internal parasites and toxins and assists cell renewal not to mention the vitamin D. I use Organic Coconut Oil instead of sun screen but if you do make sure it's organic if possible. Nature and Earthing are our best friends and bring so much balance to our system as the earth's magnetic field continues to shift and fluctuate/ wobble, connection with nature allows us to align our with earth's heartbeat! Increase in water intake is highly recommend, also to assist the cellular renewal and clearings. Let's do this and show everyone how we shift in density whilst staying balanced and having fun! Some may have a hard time navigating these topsy turvy energies, no surprise. Make sure you listen to what your body, mind and soul need to assist this massive transformation and shift we're going through. The body is transmuting a LOT and needs our support! It's super intense but there's also so much clarity, expansion, bliss and joy available, depending on where we're at. We've had take off! 🥳 Some may fluctuate a lot between the two. So staying balanced, centred and as relaxed as possible is where it's at. Do whatever it takes, self care comes first, the rest can wait!! All aligns from here for us. Powerful Holy Shifts unfolding as we shift into higher density! It's all happening peeps! 😃 Enjoy the ride! 🥳🙏💙💎🌈

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