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Eternal Evolution Of Consciousness

Life has not always been the way it is now. Long ago, we lived in constant connection with all of creation.We were aware of the oneness of all that is. We didn’t have to die like this is happening now. We have lost our immortal body by disobeying universal laws. Thus, we have been banished to this dimension of existence, which we call life on earth.

This dimension is the purgatory of salvation, where we remember universal laws through pain. Thus, we are step by step closer to our original Divine nature, which is always with us. She never left us. We left her with our unethical actions and destructive stubbornness. Only by complete surrender to our Divine Presence can we transit into a state of existence without pain.

This happens gradually, step by step, until we fully merge with it. It is then that we become whole, then we are born again, and we truly begin to live in the state of consciousness we call Christ consciousness. That is when the true vision is revealed to us, and we see paradise all around us.The greatest original pain in all people is precisely this disconnection of awareness of our Divine nature and of all the abilities we had before coming into this dimension of existence. This disconnection was the result of our destructive choices in dimensions where we possessed much greater power of manifestation.

Forgiveness of ourselves, for everything we have done, is crucial to inner peace. All self punishment comes precisely from not forgiving oneself, for choices made in unconsciousness. The only way out of this world of polarization is through the heart, with conversion and ethical living at every moment in life. But it starts with only the truth leaving our mouths at all times. What was, was, now we move forward with a new awareness on the path of the eternal evolution of consciousness.

~Andrej Majer


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